All Knit Up

And here she is, the cutest little god daughter there ever was, Miss Violet:

I know I left the red leggings she was wearing on her, bad choice, oops!

And her and her mommy. I can’t believe how long the little munchkin is getting. Those pants are going to last like a week. But they are like hilariously cute, so it was worth it. And I love that the sweater opens the way it does, really easy to get on a baby. Next up is knitting Violet’s dress for the wedding. All the guests actually going to the ceremony (only about 20 people) are coordinating (what I couldn’t help it!). The woman are wearing green, so I’m going to reknit that little baby dress I did for Michele’s shower in a green colorway of Koigu, (on that page second down, forth over) swoon.

In New Year’s eve news… I went out! I had an alcoholic beverage!  Bj had more than one, and let’s just say the Max was not his friend. We made a couple of attempts at riding it (while it was horribly, horribly packed) but we only made it to the zoo stop (very weird at 2am, we got off with a biker gang, and I don’t mean motorcycles), and called in an S.O.S. Lauren, our Saviour had to then do an emergency pull over. To be fair Bj has horrible motion sickness anyway… Now I have an extra "day off" (well really only a day off from going to the post office) because of Ford’s death.  I still can’t bring myself to take down Christmas, as it all seemed to happen so fast, I don’t want to believe it’s over! I’m working on January jars (yum, yum) and a newsletter, so expect that soon!

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  1. Amber…So cute!! Sounds like you had a good new years too. I was in Michigan at a wedding. It was nice, but wish Grant was with me…Can’t wait to see everyone in their wedding garbs in March!!!!!

  2. she is a doll.
    that outfit is adorable!
    sounds like you had a fun new years…
    poor bj…sounds like he had TOO much fun!
    I feel his pain though…
    I had a similar problem last week! 😉

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