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A few more details. The whole reason I called this post High Strung was because that’s the name of the paint on the floor. I was at Sherman Williams with my mom and found a paint chip almost exactly the color of my Franklin planner, I knew that was THE color! The fabric for the curtains is a silk I originally bought for the Ribbon Jar to sell as these strips. It’s really expensive and the strips didn’t go over well, so I was stuck with it all (the curtains in the living room is the same fabric in a different color way). I’m so glad it worked out that I could find someway to use it all, because it is so beautiful. Check out the curtains open with the tie backs my brother helped me install last night:

Let there be light! And now onto the shame of my house… the lack of curtains in the craft room. A room that faces to the street, and for months my neighbors have seen sheets and an old coverlet up on sagging tension rods. This can be no more, and I’m testing out fabrics:

I was going to go all blue/turquoise, but then I found that print, that awesome colorful print, and I think I want to find more like it, or more colors like that, and do long stripes all the way down. Each curtain (there will be three) will be a little different.  Emilie and I found a curtain rod we liked at Target, so I have to go to another Target now and get one in the right size for the other window, but I hope you will see this project done soon.

And in totally other news Iman a blog reader for a long while is letting me post about her family’s exciting adventure. They are in the process of making a documentary called Eagle or Ostrich. While they don’t know yet if the movie will be made they don’t know when the movie will come out the preview is very cool (thanks for the update Iman. It’s supposed to air on PBS when it is release, awesome because we can all watch it!). It’s about an American Muslim learning to fly in the aftermath of 9/11. I love documentaries, and it’s one of the main reasons I miss NetFlix. Just the human interest of it all. Good luck to you Iman and family! And you just might have the cutest kids ever!

p.s. check out my picture of the day today, I think it’s one of my favorites, I set it as my desktop, yummy!

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