Happy Snowy Morning!

SnowIt’s full on snowing here, and I love it! Until ten this morning not a car had been down my street. Ah to live on a street with such homebodies, it’s great! It’s been so freaking cold, barely getting above freezing for days, with out so much as a flake, so this is much nicer. It’s supposed to warm up a bit, and maybe melt some of it, but then we will freeze over night, so it could be a royal mess tomorrow (you know, the day I have to drive to Portland). I stayed up super late organizing Ribbon Jar, and am going to put some finishing touches on it today then take pictures! Enjoy your weather what ever it may be!

2 Replies to “Happy Snowy Morning!”

  1. yes, the snow makes the cold weather a little more tolerable.
    it’s so pretty! 🙂
    drive safe tomorrow…it’s gonna be a MESS in the morning!

  2. Let it SNOW! I love it too!

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