One Side Down

I have one side of my lower floor (because it is so NOT a basement) done just the way I like it:

Looking straight at the side with my desk and

The said shelf thing.

And the desk. The great thing about getting things for cheap at estate sales, like this $25 desk, that I then put about $20 into refinishing (and a lot of elbow grease) is that I don’t feel bad nailing something into the side of it. On the side you can’t see I mounted the power strip so now the desk is a lot cleaner. I also found how to hang stuff on these concrete walls. I don’t use the concrete. Instead I hung a line down from a nail in the molding we put up, like a gallery would do. That’s how I got the new Target clock to stay up. And on the opposite wall:

I think all this space really wants now is a super cute vintage step stool (I pulled the freebie plastic one I scored out for the picture. It works, but it’s a bit sad looking), more art on the walls and a cool packing table instead of the fold up one I’m using now. I’m thinking old library table. Hmmm who has one of those, oh ya, MOM, aren’t you sick of that thing yet?  Although the laundry area isn’t re-painted yet (and may not be for a while as the floors are still not perfectly dry and I want to wait for warmer weather), I did some improvements:

These two windows Finally have curtains! Now looking at this I really wish the curtain over the sink could be full length like the rest, but with the pipes it’s just not possible. I did also get the pull backs on for the long curtains. They are mounted on the frame and are hidden when the curtains are closed. Much easier than mounting in concrete. Pictures of that later, when I have a sunny day. Check out the sick curtain I made out of part of my Hawaiian fabric stash, is it not awesome? I solved a potentially horrendous rod situation by just using a shower curtain rod.

I pulled everything out that had been piling up since I got this thing, cleaned the shelves and really organized it. I’m working on getting curtain rods and pull backs for the craft room, and those pull backs come in sets of two, so I will have one extra I will use down here for this I think. I’m a little sad at using all this fab fabric that I was going to back a quilt with, but at least I’ll get to look at it everyday, and I can always pull it down and use it over.

Since I’ve been doing all of this, plus work, plus knitting, I’ve fallen really behind on my emails. So if you’re waiting for a response I’m so sorry, but I’m going to be ultra busy through the weekend and I may not get right back to you.

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  1. Your ‘lower level’ looks just great Amber! I love how organized you are, and your unique combinations of color, texture, old furniture etc. What a difference from the pictures of the basement…oops! I mean lower level, when you first bought the house. I have a question (and don’t worry about a quick answer) about your dryer. It is so cool looking and I was wondering why it is so tall. What is above the door for putting the clothes in?
    I love catching up on your cottage reno!

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