High Strung

When areas of my life seem a bit too out of control for my liking, I feel I must take control some where. Most likely something will be cleaned, organized, or purged. This weekend I did a bit of everything and checked a bunch of things off my list, which made me feel so much better. First off all I cleaned up the living room and got everything to right again after the holidays:

I include this photo because I don’t think I’ve shown you that I finally made up the green curtains and hang proper rods (sale the discontinued doorknob line at Restoration Hardware). I never did get around to painting all the tedious parts of all the windows in the place, and since we’ll probably get new ones soon, I don’t think that will happen. I do need to make some pillows that actually match, and try to work with that pink a bit. That couch and chair set have been in our family for quite a while and I really would like to recover them. I have some more plans for this room that I hope to start working on later this week. Oh ya, so those green curtains up there, I made ones like that only turquoise for the Ribbon Jar. I took all the ones already up down so I could properly finish them off, and to be out of the way for some painting. It was like this:

part paint, part primmer, part nothing where I had the waterproofing done, for too long. I now give you:

Ah it’s like a green paradise. Bj and I moved everything over to one side of the room while I worked on this side. Touching up the ceiling, walls, and scrubbing the floor. No, I  don’t think I’ve waited the required time for the cement to cure, but I just couldn’t hold out any longer. I’m sure I’ll re-paint it every couple years any way. The black strip on the bottom is part of the waterproofing. In case a window broke, or something happened where the walls got wet, the water would go down behind this black stuff and into the drainage system. I’m going to play off the black and white for the stairs and stairwell area. I also made up curtains to hid the tool shelves in the laundry room, lined my bathroom curtain (no more shows for the neighbors), and knitted a bit of lace for the window on the front door.
I feel so much better getting all of this done. I mean I know owning a house is kind of like a never ending battle, but checking all these things off the list (while Bj read off 1300 songs for the Dj’s list) makes me feel really good. I’ll update more as I hang curtains and finish off this Ribbon Jar area for good!

7 Replies to “High Strung”

  1. Absolutely LOVE the GREEN!

  2. Holy green floor batman thats allot of painting to do in one weekend, way to go…….

  3. that floor looks awesome all finished!
    you were busy this weekend!
    I so need to do little tasks like that too.
    you’re a good motivator! 🙂

  4. Looks wonderful! But you shoulda warned me to put on my sunglasses before I looked at the floor! Woa! Love it!

  5. love how your living room has turned out! and the green floor is awesome 🙂

  6. That was a lot of fun. I really do have an extensive knowledge of all music!!! Nice floor it looks very fast!

  7. love your green in the Ribbon Jar room!
    wow that is alot of songs 😉
    your living room looks beautiful!!

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