Be still my heart I love this basket. And  since  Briana asked about it, that of course means I have an opportunity to go on (and on and on) about how much I love it. Which I do realized I’ve done a bit before, but who that has seen me in the last two years or so can blame me? One of these baskets is almost always with me. They go with me daily to the post office, hold a picnic at the beach, bag my groceries or other shopping, and have even been my carry on. So to answer your question Briana, I got the first one up there at Garnet Hill a while ago (like two years ago now?) and that second one at the Container Store. I’ve also seen them at Sur La Table and some other random places . They only came in four colors or something so I got the most "wild" at the time, red. I’ve added another one to my collection because one is almost always full of something, and they’ve made a key upgrade. Before the little plastic boning that held up the sides was free to slip out as it liked, but now there are little knobs that snap into it and keep it up, love this new feature.

Since getting the basket I’ve gotten a few other things from the company (Reisenthel).  They have a good environmental policy, which I like. And the designs reflect that. All come very flat and are easy to put together. Smaller during transport to the consumer means they are easier to move, and have less wasteful packaging. The next things I bought were their laundry baskets.

These were perfect for when I was transporting laundry, they are very light, and the mesh part can be cinched up to close up the top. Again these came flat and I them together. Plus check out the wickedly cool green color. Yum! Then I got some of these:
Which gets the best response at checkout. Oh I have a bag, tucked right here in my Kate Spade. I open it up and Viola! Ohhs and Ahhs all around. I love like everything this company does (and I just saw they have covers for the baskets now!) so expect me to get more things of their’s in the future.

Well that should answer that!   

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  1. but the best thing amber, i think this is a GERMAN company, because I saw those baskets here first…and if they ARE a german company, then maybe I TOO, can get all those fun things!

  2. Hey I love that stuff! I got the brown and multi-colored boxes too! All three sizes! Love em!

  3. Aaaah, the Germans are so good at reducing/re-using/recycling. I try so hard never to take plastic bags and to consciously make the effort to choose the environmentally sound option. Some places in Sheffield (where I live) insist that it’s company policy you HAVE to take a plastic bag. Losers! Go Amber and your magic shopping basket. xx

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