We took the sign down, then flipped it over, unscrewed and got this:

Some of them were mounted right on the building so we had to do a little prying:

I like my dad’s face here, it really wasn’t that hard. These letters all have screws sticking out the back. I might take them off before I offer them up for the swap, what do you think, should I?

After we got to the wall. So I think I’m going to take pictures of each one individually and then do a separate blog/photo album where I can put them all up one by one with the left over blue letters as well. Then I’ll put a price or trade on them. I really want to do the trade, but I know some people said they just wanted to buy them. The metal ones are really nice, thick, must be stainless steel with a brushed finish I think. What do you think of that plan? I’m going to work on it after I get the newsletter for Ribbon Jar out tonight (cool new product coming, look for it!).

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  1. Could I also please have a double-u? Hmmm…Guess I should have taken one when I had the chance.

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