The birds out of the bag

Awe, thanks you guys for all your sweet comments. And I must say, especially to my dear friend Sciarrino who I called at 2am to come spend the night with me because I was too freaked out that with out a car parked out front someone would think no one was home and try to break in. Sciarrino you rock! She and my mom also rock for helping me with another cool project. I have a new product at the ribbon jar, a Valentine kit. It’s so cute, and full of really fun stuff.

I can’t link it because I’m not going to release it until 9am tomorrow (jan. 23rd, pacific time), but it will be on the new page. But check it out the cool cards and things we made up this weekend with all the goodies right HERE.

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  1. I wanna make more V-cards. I was really feeling the love with the voices of Mulder and Scully echoing through my thoughts—now that’s some of the truest love. They pretend to not need eachother, but they soo do and are connected for eternity. Ahh… but we know this.
    Julie you are best mom (well second to my own)!

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