More Happiness, is it possible?

I so needed that last post. Some of my favorites from the comments:

comfy pants, being barefoot at work, tivo, children, inspirations, stacks of books, lazy rains, babies, American citizenship…

I loved the comments so. I had to do this, it was one of those working too late, thinking of too many negative things kind of days. Do you ever notice how much easier it is to complain, whine, etc? So much easier than actually admitting you are a very lucky person indeed. I had a great day today with these thoughts going through my head (when it finally hit the pillow around 3:30 a.m.). The day included started with 22 orders (and it’s not over yet), random calls from Bj just because he loves me, my mom helping me cut and pack ribbon, Sciarrino and Brent both stopped by during the day. Later I had a home cooked meal at my mom’s with my brother and we watched Clueless on a new relining sectional (this is so funny at my mom’s where everything is usually a modern country comfy, but it’s boy zone up there in front of the big screen). Now I’m sitting here swirling in pastel dust.  I went nuts for pastels a few years ago and bought them off eBay like a mad woman. They are so like candy to me, all the colors, and the best ones nestled in tiny dividers or wrapped up with hand written numbers on their labels. I’ve been creative these last few year, I know, but not like this. Not art for arts sake. I was thinking I was going to tell you that I didn’t even like anything I did tonight all that much. I like the mess more than anything:

With my knee socks pulled off half way through because I always get these mad hot flashes when I work. I haven’t felt hot and flushed like that in a long time. It’s the most incredible feeling. I don’t think about anything but the now. And it’s the creating that is the best part, getting something truly special out of it is a cherry on the top, but that didn’t really happen for me tonight, I’m so rusty anyway. I decided to pull out my micro/macro lens because the camera bag was out and started snapping up snippets of my work. It’s so interesting to see it this way:

I mad this one my wallpaper on my G5 to remind me to create. Another favorite image is my picture of the day. Sue I’m listening! I’m reinstating picture of the day!

So here’s to your creative soul. Do something just for you, and love it!

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  1. It’s so much fun to sit back and create when life gets to hectic… I love the colors and so enjoy picture of the day!

  2. love those creative messes. kind of freeing and so satisfying. makes me want to get my oils out and play. I have a great set and have never created anything with them. hmmmmm….

  3. Where’s the shot of your messy hands—I think that is one of the best things—to see all the colors wash off down the drain—it’s a feeling of accomplishment. 😉

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