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I’m so lucky for

marshmallows, sunshine, cloudy days, pattering rain, william, kisses, handshakes, friends, french fries, the color green, good music, happy thoughts, true love, warm socks, funny slippers, pretty yarn, a lovely mother, my little nose, a big diamond ring, ribbon, late nights, metal rulers, sharp scissors, glitter, plane rides, the perfect dress, a comfy bed, my stuffed animals, pecan floors, church pews, bubble wrap, demolition, reconstruction, a really tall dryer, big desks, pigtails, best friends, good music, diet coke, you.

Why are you lucky?

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  1. a quiet office, a sense of accomplishment, rainy days ahead, ipod music, wearing the best christmas present i received (a mom necklace from my 7 yo. he bought it at the school santa store they did this year), a great mom, iced tea, scrappy mojo, a new cookbook (betty crocker breast cancer awareness cookbook..awesome), comfy pants, my 2007 calendar, a gc to the lss that is burning a whole in my pocket, being barefoot at work, my youngest wanting to give me a ton of kisses before i leave the daycare, paid bills, a hubby that gets the kids ready in the a.m.

  2. too many too count and need to remember it more often.
    ps – miss the photo a day thingy….

  3. Because you are my daughter and I love you! You are one of the most thoughtful, kind, loving, fun and the list goes on…. person I know! You constantly brighten my day! And Brent the same goes for you! I love being able to spend time with you. I can’t think of any two children who I am more proud of and I’m lucky to have both of you!

  4. I am lucky: inspiration, loves, fast internet access, perspective, warm winters, support, children’s giggles (in the background), diet coke, opportunities, a wonderful childhood, stacks of books, friends like you…

  5. 5 o’clock, forest air, flexibility, running on packed snow streets in the sunlight, hot chocolate, parents who Semper Fi!, fresh blankets from the dryer, lazy rains, my own room (rooms—thanks Brent!), clean floors, chewing gum, blue skys, the cinima, warmth, bestest friends, laughing, health, books, blond hair, freedom, my GTI, Grandma Millie, education, an imagination, babies to hug, a full tummy, clean water, American citizenship…

  6. cat hair on my clothes, weird cheap things on ebay that cry out to me, my pink “grandma” slippers, my blanket, the smell of his pillow, constant hugs from my 16 year old SON, rain at night; sleeping with the windows open; doing my best friends’ hair (my 11 year old daughter), the smell of the fields that surround my home, turnips, 88 keys, prayer, his hand on my knee, ruffy, teacups, Howard Hold cats, sheet music, old photographs, coffee ice cream.

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