Random thoughts

1. Facebook. Just signed up, holy time waster batman, and oh so addictive. It’s like a "where are they now" version of your life.

2. Should my new photo album (last year’s photo a day album (beware takes for ever to load now)?

3. They double booked our church date. I cried. More action to be taken tomorrow.

4. Repeat steps one through three. That’s for you Bj (and Luke).

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  1. CHURCH?!!!? Aaah! Can’t wait till our phone date tomorrow!! Yes, need captions! And you should be on myspace, not facebook! It’s way cooler, but still addictive!

  2. We are totally going to get that church back because we are awesome!
    PS do not repeat step 1, it slows down the loop. 🙂

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