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Remember all those

Oh here’s a little show and tell of a souvenir from Vermont, new fireplace thingies. The metal things holding up the wood with the balls on top (do they have a name?). I had an old sorry excuse for a grate when I moved in, that I was using out of necessity, so I jumped at getting these. I found them in every antique store we went to, but I got these at an antique salvage yard. I didn’t get much else in terms of vintage treasures, only because of the whole packing issue, but we did find some cool things, so I’ll be showing you those in the coming days. Back to the stamping. I had a little elf come over and help me:

Sciarrino I don’t know why I just called you an elf, hehehe. She was busy working on the back side of the RSVP cards. I perforated them so that the bottom tore off to be a post card, but we’re putting first class postage on them because we heard they will get nicer treatment. I so hope I get them all back because there are some kick ass stamps on them. I think they look so cool all lined up, here another look:

This is not for the faint of heart, we started to go a bit crazy making the combinations:

Sciarrino was only joking here, but I did take to licking them, instead of using the sponge. Hope I don’t die of the Spanish Flu or some other killer lying dormant in the stamps for decades.  Tomorrow the actual invitations come back from the printer, then it’s stamping, tearing, sewing and stuffing to get them done in time to be stamped on Saturday. When I found out the invitations were going to be a day late, I freaked because we don’t have a post office open on Saturday here (well drop off only) and they have to be hand canceled. So my lovely and wonderfully nice Post Mistress Debbie is going to have some one do it for me special. Ah I love her. She just might have to get cookies tomorrow. Also tomorrow: tux fittings, and linen tests! Fun, fun!

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  1. Ah yes, the fireplace thingies…they look good sitting in your crib! And woa! That’s a lot of stamps. Sciarrino is such a wonderful helper!!!!

  2. That is sooo awesome. I seriously want to do the same thing. How did you find the stamp clubs to call, and what did you say to them?? I’m also envious of the fireplace. Ah to have a fire going.

  3. I miss the stamping phase already. Alas on to the sewing extravaganza—Julie are you ready? Let do it!!

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