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Today I woke up and finished with the whole postage stamp thing. I really hope the people we did special combinations for "get it." To answer a question: To find a place where you can get awesome stamps go to the American Philatelic Society and look for your local branch.  I found a local club through this site and contacted the president. He contacted me right away with lots of helpful information. Anyway that part is all done (though I think I will continue to use these awesome stamps on all my letters from now on). So I worked on that, did Ribbon Jar business, and set out to Portland to do a mock table at the reception venue. I picked the most awesome color table cloth ever (seriously it rocks). I can’t wait to see the whole room done up. Then it was off to pick out a tux. If your in the Portland area I really recommend this place. They have the exact white tie I wanted from the Martha Stewart Winter 2001 Wedding issue… for $95!!! And that includes shoes, suspenders, vest, shirt, pants, jacket with tales, everything. Sweet. Plus since no one ever orders this type of material she getting all new shirts for the guys (Cotton pique, I’m a natural fiber girl, what can I say?). Then I rushed home to the invitation madness!

Oh man do I love my invitations. It’s so hard because I love paper, and type and design, and I knew I was only going to have one shot at this and Sciarrino nailed it. They are divine. The RSVP card is letterpress and the rest is done with a printing press here in Salem. The difference between this and say a laser, is that a plate is actually made, and then one specific ink is used (for us a very understated metallic green) instead of a combination of colors to get one shade. There is no better way to get the blackest black. It is oh so heavenly. We were about to be talked out of our font because it’s got such thin lines, that it was hard to read on the laser proofs, but on press? SWOON.

This basket is the result of: ripping, slicing, inserting, sewing, stuffing, licking, and twisting. Times 141.

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  1. AMBER!!!!! one word to discribe your invitations…SWEET!!! They look so great! Isn’t hard work rewarding? I can’t wait to get mine. I’m glad they turned out just how you wanted them to!

  2. Awesome… I can’t wait to get mine. I almost took one home so I didn’t have to wait.
    Can’t wait to see the men in their tuxes… Sure to look fabulous!

  3. I love reading about all your wedding plans. These inviations sound divine! And I really love how you’ve chosen the stamp layout for the envelope. Very unique and so much fun!

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