Shower #1

My aunt and cousin threw me a wonderful shower this weekend. It’s so
strange to be the guest of honor, but I must admit I loved it. And they
played to all my weeknesses: little green touches everywhere, candy on
the table, yummy sweets, loud fun family, and presents! Sciarrino
snapped some of me opening them.

I got lots of wonderful and unique things for my home that I can’t wait to use. But one thing was my absolute favorite gift, and that was from my great Aunt Mary.

It was a rug made by my great grandma Stewart on my mom’s side, her grandma. It  was one of the last ones she made. She was a woman after my own heart, and even when it got to hard for her to go thrifting she’d instruct her daughters (my grandma and her twin) to bring her cotton fabric when ever they found it. She’d then make the strips and do the braiding. My auntie Mary also gave me a framed picture of me and my great grandma from her 80th birthday party. I was only eight. It’s the first picture I have of her. The gift made me tear up, but in a great happy kind of way. I was lucky enough to receive other family heirlooms which mean so much to me. Also lots of fun? Getting to see the little baby Meg.

Everyone took turns keeping her entertained and she was quite a good baby, even when we did silly things like put ribbons on her very bald head. She’s my cousin Jen’s baby, remember her? I love her concerned "I can’t believe I was born into this family look." So funny. Of course we had to get out my aunt’s wedding pictures from 29 years ago:

That’s her and my mom on the right. They look so young, and they were, my aunt was only 19. But so pretty in her $27 dollar dress her friend made her (that’s dress and veil!). But the boys just look silly in those frilly tuxes. Really fun to look at, it makes me glad we spent the extra money to have a book made of our favorite photos. I had to get out my binder and show the ladies all my details:

Do you love my silly little outfit my cousin made me wear? I even had a wand! Mmmmm those jelly belly’s look good, but I have my first dress fitting in less than two weeks! And finally the family pictures:

Baby Megan

Me and auntie Eileen, my grandma’s twin.

Mom, me and the baby. We always compete for maximum baby hold time.

My great aunt Mary and grandma had already left, but can you believe I got everyone outside. It was pleas of natural light that did it. Thank you all, I loved it!

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  1. WOW your family are all so YOUNG looking! The rug is an amazing gift, I bet you feel really honoured to have all those important family items coming to you (and your almost husband). So FINALLY(!) the things I ordered for you arrived and after my trip to London this coming weekend, I will be able to sen you your
    GoodLuck-Wedding/BridalShower-ThanksForTheAMAZINGStarTrekGoodies-I<3Amber package.

  2. We’re lucky to have such a fun family and friends like Katie who joined us. I’m glad you appreciate family treasures. It was a very fun day… Looking forward to many more. And Jen’s baby is sooooo cute!

  3. bridal showers are so much fun, i’m sure you’ll get to hear all sorts of fun memories & advice. the last month or so before the wedding is the most precious, so soak it up! (which is seems like you totally are. good work.)

  4. Hi Amber,
    I loved looking at this sight, great pictures. I’m sorry I missed the shower, but John and I and Aunt Eileen are planning on being at your reception. Aunt Eileen would love pictures of the shower, could you please email them to me if you have them and then I will print them. Thanks much Sherry (your moms cousin)

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