I’m making a list and checking it twice!

-Bj’s gift, check!
-shoes off to be dyed, check!
-haircut, check!
-final florist meeting


That’s just a quickie throw somethings together bouquet that my florist does to show you textures and colors. I love the open blooms. The centerpieces will also be with these colors, on chartreuse table clothes, with gold chairs (I know, WHAT, GOLD? but it’s the only thing that works in the room, and so I’m workin the gold).

-Final hair style decision? Um, no. I must say hair style "up do" magazines: prom mags (Emilie’s), wedding mags and others are very prejudice about short hair. They all had long, sort of wavy/curly hair. Also looking at those prom mags made me realize teenagers these days have ample opportunity to "slut it up" Cut out sides and slits up to your high thigh anyone? {shutter}

Got any other place to look? I now have chin length hair and I want it up funky and twisted. Oh and my trail is Wednesday morning.

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  1. she meansā€””trial” šŸ˜‰ I’ll do you’re hair tonight šŸ˜‰ he, he

  2. “got to love those teenagers that “Slut it up” as you say. Chartreuse with gold I think look great together. It looks kind of “garden vintage” and with those amzing bright center peices. I can’t frikkin’ wait! Only 17 days Ambular!

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