Why Today was Great

Sure, seeing this flat tire wasn’t the best part of my day, but I did know it was coming, yesterday the tire was almost flat. And it makes me feel like the $36.50 I pay AAA is worth it when they send someone to come do something for me. Turns out I got a nail through the sidewall and it couldn’t be fixed. I’m guessing from pulling into that mud there, remember the pile of crap I had in that very spot last summer? I suppose there is the possibility I forgot a nail (or forty). So I need a new tire, only they don’t make that tire, so I had to get two. But the funny thing is I wasn’t all that upset hearing the news, maybe it was because I had picked up some Chinese food on the way over and was munching on it while I waited. And the drive home was super fantastic with the birds singing and the sun being out.

When I got home I check the mail, and I only got on RSVP back today, but it did come in this ridiculously cute package from Kay:

See that, now that’s what I call an RSVP!!! Hehehe. She had lots of little goodies and pouches with fun colors. I love the metal letters that are also little magnet boards (I know!!!) And when I opened them up things just got better:

Let me just say, Love Hearts? Love them, one pack has already been scarfed. Then I packed up orders and headed to the post office. I made it through all the lights on my first try (it gets really backed up at five in the evening). And even had time to stop at the lighting store. Third times a charm with these guys, they finally had my crazy light bulb in stock:

The original is the one on the left. They don’t make them any more, but it’s so big and cool I couldn’t just toss it. The new one has the same old huge base. I’m making a mental note of this: next time I’m at an estate sale and I get a funky light-bulbed lamp check the pantry for funky light bulbs that might fit it! I did get something else supremely funny in the mail Saturday. I got a bunch of RSVPs, seven pieces of my neighbor’s mail and this:

Uh… What? How the freaking hell did it get to my house? Is it just because I get mail from Japan, that now I’m like the designated receiver for half the country? I don’t know but I’m writing them a note and sticking this in an envelope. Craziness!!

And signs of spring:

awe buds!

I could show you the out of control grass. People are actually starting to mow (ack!) and since I’ve mowed my lawn a total of once since the purchase I think I might want to jump on that bandwagon. I’m going to get a push mower. I’ve done the research and the Brill Luxus 38 seems like the one for me. I just finished reading my step-dad’s Christmas gift to me: Suburban Safari, and while fantastic it’s making me have inner turmoil about watering my lawn. I don’t have sprinklers and I’d have to water with a hose (I didn’t water last year, FYI), so fresh processed city water would be leaking all over the place. But I really want that nice green look. I’m looking into eco grass, grass seed developed for my area to grow shorter, with more diversity (like clover, daises, etc) that require less water. We’ll see how it goes, I have to convert my I-love-a-lush-lawn fiance. Hmm….

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  1. what happy mail that is!
    and dude, mail from Japan sent to Texas via Oregon?
    what the heck?
    love your signs of spring…
    blooms & fresh green leaves are starting to pop up around my yard too! 🙂

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