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This is the only way I can think to describe my life right now:

My mind and all its thoughts tend to want to float out of my head and scramble themselves up. Then when I least want them to (like when I’m trying to fall asleep) they float back down like feathers in the proper order.

It’s very frustrating as I quite literally have fifty things to do RIGHT NOW, and I can’t focus on any one of them with much success. Final decision FINAL. They must be made RIGHT NOW, or in the case of the food February 21st. But have I turned that in yet, no. I walked out into the living room with the appetizer list to show Bj and it magically disappeared from my hands and has yet to be found. Even after I took hours to regain some sanity and sorted through years of paper work to tackle the file cabinet.

Now that it’s not leaving rust stains on me when I touch it I actually think it has a great patina. Plus it gets some crap off my desk, which is nice. So all of that, sorting every scrap of paper and still no appetizer list. argh!!!!! I have my first dress fitting tomorrow (well I guess today since it’s one AM) and I haven’t lost the ten pounds I wanted or flattened my stomach, or beefed up my arms, crap. I have to dye my shoes, finalize the flower situation, find a better chandelier, figure out what trees I want, how to get them there, what fabric to put around the base, and what ribbon I want to use on everything. I have to pick the alcohol (and I don’t drink), get my hair cut, figure out the music situation (first dance, you’ll see), I have to pay a surprisingly large car repair bill, make the table cards with buttons, make the seating card, make the table markers, make my veil, reserve pedicure and manicure sessions (which all my oh-so-helpful magazines tell me should have been done months ago), get Bj’s gift, get my tax stuff together, deposit checks, go to Comcast, return stuff, write thank yous,  and YADDA, YADDA, YADDA.

So ya, that’s why I haven’t been blogging. And in the last week I’ve lost (and thankfully found) my camera, glasses, and mind.

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  1. Good luck with all the wedding preparation, I just can’t resist saying this ” I love your Eiffel tower lamp..and I like your Ribbon jar business.

  2. In less than four weeks you will be a better version of yourself… Not so stressed out & married!
    Enjoy this time… it will go fast!

  3. My advise…do the most important things first. I know that’s hard to decifer sometimes, but the food is an important one. You need to think, “if it doesn’t get done, will it make or break the wedding? Can I have my bridesmaids/family/friends do this?” The detailed things such as mani/pedis can be done later. Its a perk, but not a necessity…you know what I’m saying here? Remember all the little detail things I had you help me with when I got married? Take a deep breath and try not to feel like you absolutely have to do everything yourself. Let me know what I can do! 🙂 I’ll talk with you later tonight. Breathe!

  4. del·e·gate
    5. to commit (powers, functions, etc.) to another as agent or deputy.

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