You know the whole RSVP thing is a bit of a pain. I mean I thought that by having the coolest invitations known to man (in my humble opinion) I would illicit quick and clever responses. But despite the "kick ass-ness" of the invites only three of my friends have RSVP-ed, THREE!!! I’ve gotten plenty of cards back mind you, from proper older relatives, work colleagues, friends of the family, etc, but in the friend department we are falling short. And some of the cards I’ve gotten back had nothing in the bubble, nadda! I’m to assume that is a yes, right? So I sent out a mass email today, I was really going to try and hold to tradition and be all polite, but I want my cards back man! I have to get the seating chart going, drinks and food ordered, and all the other "cool" things I have planned. I’m sure at one point I was late sending back an RSVP and this is karma coming back to bite me, so I’m trying not to sweat it. But if you are reading this, and haven’t RSVP-ed, won’t you please? I have a cute little book going and Bj and I will cherish the cards forever, we promise!

Now some people have gone above and beyond, and well, they should be praised:

I love me some colored pencil!

Putting RJ’s valentine’s kit to good use Sciarrino!

Very impressed that my dad found an image online, printed it, AND drew a cake.

Ink is what really makes this fabulous printmaking paper shine, yummy!

Taylor, my little bro, do you still read this blog? Check out the ears my mom drew on you, how funny is that? Hehehehe.

But to be clear, at this point, a yes or no would work just as well!

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  1. There is something about rsvping that elicits to procrastionation.—cause really if you don’t get it done after three days of its arrival, you’re going to forget. Which reminds me I still have an outstanding rsvp to rsvp to. 😉

  2. Wow! When you get mine, it’s gunna look like a piece of crap! LOL, I’m sooo not creative like all those other people!! :-/

  3. See – I was going to send it back on the very first day I got it! (I am like that with RSVPs) but NOOOoooOo…. my husband says – “Ooh, Let me draw something on it!” So it is still sitting blank on my coffee table. It will be in the mail tomorrow 🙂

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