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Okay once again let me say that I love our photographer. I also love Bj, rainy days, and Oregon. All of which I got to enjoy last Saturday. I am hoping against hope for this same kind of moody/rainy/windy weather for our wedding. Please don’t say I’m crazy. Straight up sunshine is not my favorite kind of weather. It has its place, say in July, but in March in Oregon my bet is on the gloom. And the gloom glows, it’s the best light to photograph in, the light that looks like it will break through the clouds any moment, but never quite does. So here are my favorite shots from a gloomy glowing day!

We found this storage unit place in the Pearl to start our day. How sick is that yellow people? I think Bj and I have a million pictures where he’s picking me up, but usually you can’t tell because you just see our upper bodies, so this is fun to see the hight difference (one whole foot), right after this I lost a shoe!

Hehehe, he always makes me giggle.

I loved Bj’s Eskimo kiss idea.

For our collection, we love our shoes!

This was a bit dangerous, the whole scaling a wall thing.

As you can see we tracked down every cool wall in the pearl. The only way we would have done better would have been by getting on rooftops (and someday I will!). And the forehead kisses are my favorite thing ever!

Gotta love the wind. This new boardwalk thing is sweet too, by the way.

And my favorite: the puddle jumpers!



3, hehehe

Love you Beeg!!!

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  1. These are wonderful photos! You both look so cute together and I agree, I love the peeling yellow brick. Plus Dansko shoes are so comfortable!

  2. these are simply the best Amber!!
    love all of them
    and never knew BJ was taller than you 🙂
    such a beautiful couple!!
    ans in love, can tell thru the photos

  3. These are so nice. I love the one with the umbrella and the wind blowing in your hair.
    Super cute.

  4. ok the one of you guys jumping in the puddle is hecka cute!!!
    That would be really cute in kids room.

  5. I love coming to your blog! It always makes me smile so big…
    These are so perfect of you and BJ!
    They aren’t posed and perfect;
    they’re just real and full of energy and life.
    My favorites are the hug under the umbrella and the first puddle picture.

  6. Wow! Those are the best engagement photos I’ve ever seen! Adorable. I love so many of them but the two of you under the umbrella is so sweet. You must be thrilled!

  7. these are such amazing pictures, your photographer is great but of course it helps when the subjects are so photogenic and in love!! i love checking your blog to see how all the plans are coming, it seems like everything will go perfectly- i’m so happy for you!

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