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Had my final dress fitting today, made a few more changes. And to make sure I don’t look like some one ran me over with a truck I slept in this morning, like un plugged the phones slept in until 10:45, and after 4 and 5 hour nights 10 and a half felt pretty fantastic. Then I ran a bunch of wedding errands, picking up another custom stamp Sciarrino designed for the table cards, getting some accessories, and finding the perfect color ink. Tonight I worked on the seating chart/ball room layout. My mom did the whole room up on CAD for me and had it printed off huge so I can move tables around and figure out where everyone is going to sit. I did that while watching Bones, which I am now seriously in love with. Rented the first season with Bj and then had to get the season pass on iTunes to catch up. Love it! In between those things I manage to break my driver’s side mirror with my garbage can. And I wasn’t even driving, it’s the can that’s getting the moving violation. So by the time my little brother buys the car from me it will be almost entirely new, grrr.

Tomorrow I’m going to our family friend’s nursery to look at trees for the reception (and two for the ceremony). We found someone to drive them up to Portland for us. It’s hard to find people to help with these type of things because the people I would normally ask are coming the reception. So one of my brother’s friends is helping with the driving, and then I’ll hire big burly guys to actually move them.

The main issue I’m running into right now is the lighting. We can’t turn on the florescents (because they’re nasty and I want our party to be "nasty free") and the chandelier is now looking like it won’t work out because the long truss we need to have it hang from is going to be way too expensive. I’m hoping with wall sconces, spot lights on the trees, stage lights, and candles on the tables there will be just enough light, but I don’t know, it’s making me really nervous. I mean you only have to watch Clueless once to know how important a lighting scheme is.

Oh and even though I know to within 7 people who is coming to the wedding I still have 44 outstanding RSVPs, and I know 2 of them it’s because the invite never came (one of those is my future mother in law, ack!). My binder has really horrible empty looking sleeves left in it still for those cards, so if you have one please send it back. I love what Sciarrino said, "I don’t get it, they could RSVP. I mean I could take those invites and sell tickets to this thing." So true Sciarrino, so true.

15 days left to stamps, tweak, plan, press, pin, tie, cut, knot, stamp, tear, and buff up my arms!!!

Thank you so much for your sweet comments about Bj and I! I’ll be sure to share tons of the weddign photos!

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  1. man amber – i can’t even imagine your wedding plans. seeing the pictures (like of your seating chart) makes me think of tv weddings. i mean, i guess i never realized people really DID all that stuff. it’s amazing. and it’s a great get-away from my day-to-day life reading about it!!!

  2. At least you know they didn’t get the invitations! I had people not tell me they didn’t get one assuming I didn’t invite them!! I felt so bad. But my RSVP is in, right? 🙂

  3. The day is here Miss Amber … we are all wishing you & Bj a wonderful life *-) love to you , maryann … jessica … herb

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