Shower #3


That’s Kathy, Karen, Katie, and Kristen from left to right. Now that you see how many "K" friends I have I think it’s easy to see why I call so many of them by their last names!

I didn’t see the invites before the party because the theme was a surprise. It was an alphabet shower, everyone got a glitter letter with their invite and then got me a gift to correspond with that. It spelled amber, bj, life, love. So cute! And the girls were pretty clever. Katie Lek. got me cute little undies, and when I asked her what that stood for (because she had an M and everything else in the bag had to do with muffins) she said, "man bait" LOL I was dying.

Sue got me this beautiful bowl for the "E", empty. It is screaming to have dyed easter eggs put in it, so I might do a late easter celebration, because there is no way that is getting done before the wedding.

Sciarrino made me this fab bag, wait what was your letter Sciarrino? It’s so cool, I’m thinking honeymoon carry on. Love the fabric, mmmmm.

Ceara don’t our moms look cute!

And of course one with my very concerned looking little friend. Awe V you’re too cute!

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  1. Another fun shower indeed! Jolie and Anna sure know how to throw a lovely afternoon. And The Mother of the Bride—looking cute as ever. So great seeing all the girlies! 11 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What a fun shower! Jolie you are such a great friend! Thank you Thank you! And yes the mom’s look cute, but all the crew girls and V look cuter!

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