Trees Please

My dad and I headed to his friend’s nursery this morning to check out possible trees for the ceremony and reception. Today was a beautiful day to go, sunny and bright with so many things just starting to push out little buds and flowers. The first thing that caught my eye was this fire red maple:

But I thought with all the green going on in the room this might read a little too much like Christmas. So I settled on a tree that is already pushing out beautiful little leaves. And might even have blooms in two weeks (white ones):

I really wish I had some kind of magic ball to see what it will look like in two weeks, but I think this is a safe bet.

and the church trees will look pretty similar:

Just a little smaller. I had them give me empty containers to decorate ahead of time that the trees can just be slipped into. So now I just have to pick out some fabric to go with the fantastically huge ribbon order that is coming today. Oh yes, that ribbon you were wondering about is going to come into play very soon.

Okay Bj that update was mostly for you, so what do you think of the trees I picked?

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