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Oh my god I’m getting married this week, THIS WEEK. Yikes. Bj came over this weekend, first time in a while since we’ve both been so busy. And the last time coming over before he comes over with all his crap, and by that I mean moves in. I’m a little nervous about that. I didn’t think I’d like living by myself when I bought my house but I’ve quite enjoyed it and I have a lot of things "just so" (and fairly girly to be honest). I hope I can handle it. Well compromise number one started early. Bj set up our wedding present from his dad:

Bj did his job of getting the candy for the candy buffet… times 10! Seriously this guy got so much candy, it’s so funny. It’s a good thing I ordered little bags so that people can take some home! I got all the containers last week with my mom at Tuesday Morning, pretty cool place.  I worked on the table numbers:

Pulled out old school supplies: vintage sign stamps, foam stamps and paint, and gold embossing powder from a middle school impulse buy at the Oregon State Fair (the wheeling and dealing barn gets me every year). And to think I almost purged that stuff! Sciarrino and I drove all over looking for goodies for the hotel room gifts, more on that tomorrow. We also "had" to stop in Anthropologie where I went totally insane and got the flippin cutest honeymoon dress ever invented, among other things.  Today was all about cleaning and fine tuning. I had to totally dismantle my bedroom so I could clean every square inch and get ready for:

A new bed! Bj’s parent’s (mom and step dad) wanted to help us financially with our honeymoon, but we wanted something more long lasting, and what could be better than a 20 year warranty on a Tempur-pedic? My dad has these mattresses, and when ever I spend the night over there to watch Em I have the best night’s sleep ever. Plus this bed is a QUEEN, I’ve never had a bed this big! It’s a good thing I got some of the queen sized linens I registered for early at my showers, because I own nothing this big. I had homemade twin sized quilts on my full sized bed (although cleverly disguised if I do say so myself), but there is no stretching them to this size. I aired out the room (goodbye storm windows! Hello summer!) and walked all over the thing (good workout, it’s like walking in sand), so I’m off to make the bed!

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  1. What you don’t love surround sound? It’s every womans dream! Just kidding! Welcome to the world of compromise. BJ … Just don’t take over to much, she may get a little cranky! Enjoy this last week of preparations, it will be so much fun when the big day arrives!

  2. Ok, growing up in a house with surround sound and a dad that HAD to have the latest and greatest when it came to viewing a dvd, I think it’s worth it man! Let him have his manly stuff…it takes about a year just to get used to having a man living with you and being with you 24/7 (trust me!) I’ll be seeing you tomorrow and can’t wait to help you with all this wedding stuff!!!!

  3. P.S. TOTALLY JEALOUS of your new bed! Grant and I want one soooo bad!! one of these days, dude, one of these days!!

  4. Repeat: 2335 will be “our house” no longer “my house;” just wait—you’ll see that along with the compromising there’ll be additional pleasures to having a man in the house. 😉

  5. Amber, I wanted to send a post to let you know that I’ll be thinking of you this week, especially on Saturday. I’m sure your wedding will be a ‘thing of beauty’ full of intentionality, and the ‘realness’ that you bring to everything. It has been so fun to see all the colorful details that will be part of your special day. As I have mentioned a few times, your blog is one of my favorites and I have become very fond of you (and Bj too). So, though I don’t know you personally, I and many others, will be cheering for you this coming weekend. And we’ll be anxiously awaiting all the pictures you can show and the stories you can tell us!
    All the best to you, Bj, and all your family and friends.
    You’ll be such a beautiful bride!

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