“I’ll do easter”

So what to do when you’re swamped getting back into normal life, work, laundry, and catching up on life in general? Well offer to host easter of course! My main motivation in doing this was basically to use my china. I am so in love with all the wonderful things we got for our wedding and I just couldn’t help myself. So I give you a thrown together easter:

I love the vase he got us, and the tulips so pretty! Other than a lot of eating we did manage to figure out the clothes/closet situation. Bj added a wood support below the bar to take the weight of his clothes. I pulled the dresser out of the closet to give us more space in there, and re-appropriated a hallway drawer for his big shirts and stuff.

All and all not bad, now just have to get on to the rest of the house, it’s a nightmare, ack!

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  1. Wow, girl you are going to be a Fab Wife! Easter, that’s good practice, and it looked amazing as ususal. Glad you are enjoying your new Vera Wang china. As for the silverware, I think you just might have to get enough to go with the China!

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