We made it.

If there is one thing I’ve learned in my short marriage, it’s that sticking together and just being there for each other is the most important thing. No matter what, when things go bad, go so wrong you just can’t believe it, you have to stick together. That’s what Bj and I have been doing this last week. Before I tell you what a roller coaster it has been I want to say thank you so much for all your comments. We’ve read them all and it just means so much to us, they give us such strength, THANK YOU!
So right after I wrote that last post we packed up and headed to California where his father and grandpa lived. Bj has an awesome step dad, Jim, that you may have seen in wedding pictures, but Bill was his actual father. He wasn’t able to come to the wedding. We didn’t know at the time that he was very sick. He told us that he had to go to the hospital for some tests on March 26th, and because we weren’t down there we didn’t know that wasn’t actually the case. Bj and his father loved each other so much, but it was sometimes hard for Bj to get a clear channel of communication to his father. What we are piecing together now is that his father had been sick for a few months. We’re not sure exactly why he died, but we are sure that it ended a lot of pain (here is his obituary). Bj’s father was cremated and on Friday we drove him in his Corvette down to San Diego Bay to scatter his ashes in the ocean.
I looked down and it was just okay. It still sucked, it still hurt, but I knew it was going to be okay.
In addition to everything we had to deal with in terms of his father’s death, we also had a feisty 87 year old on our hands. Bj’s grandpa:
After a very long day our 87 year old child is tucked into bed. We are moving his stuff to a bigger room tomorrow. It’s going to be crazy, different, and hard sometimes I’m sure. But I am so thankful Bj gets to have this opportunity to bond with his grandpa, who adores him. He likes me too, tells me how small I am all the time, and that I’m a “character.” He said he was glad Bj married me, and I said I was too.

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  1. I cannot thank all of our family and friends enough. Everyone has been so so so supportive during these tough times. Amber and I have a lot ahead of us, but thanks to all of you I know we will make it through it.

  2. What a sweet story Amber! I’m in tears. You and BJ have pulled together and have made it through the first test on your marriage and you made it. There iwll be bumps in the road ahead, but together, you’ll weather the storm.

  3. Less than two weeks after my husband and I were married, my grandfather passed away. Not exactly how we wanted to start off our new lives together, but it was defintely nice to have him by my side as I dealt with the loss. BJ is lucky to have you there to help him through this time.

  4. I’m glad to hear things are slowly, but surely, coming together. You two are very strong people. And that grandpa of his! Sounds like a great guy. Glad he can give you a laugh just when you need it! 🙂

  5. The strength of your love has shown once more. While I am sorry that you had this tremendous loss, I’m so proud of how you both have embraced this situation and taken care of things. BJ I already love your Grandpa, it will be fun getting to know him. Glad to have you all home. I love you! Mom

  6. Since I read the sad news lest week, I’ve been thinking about you a lot and checking back on your blog frequently, hoping everything went OK for you two during this hard spot. Man I just loved reading all about the new addition to your lives (and your blog). Trust you two to find the best in everyone, and make the most out of everything. Warm for my form! My goodness! : )

  7. Your blog brightens my day and reminds me to look at life with a different view. Best wishes to you and BJ, his fesity GPa, and my condolences on the loss of BJ’s father.

  8. been thinking of you and BJ this last week.
    So glad to hear that things went okay.
    BJ’s grandpa is adorable…
    and he sounds so fun!
    (and man…I fell down some stairs and hurt MY tailbone last week…can I borrow grandpa’s donut to sit on?! ha.)
    Anyway…glad you were able to bring him up here.
    What a blessing.

  9. I knew you’d have a positive outlook, Amber. Certainly not every man is lucky enough to have a grandaughter (in law) like you!

  10. Isn’t it funny how you think you “know” someone just because you read their blog every day? I have checked up on you guys since hearing the sad news probably every day!
    My condolences to BJ upon the loss of his father. It does sound like ya’ll have a great guy on your hands to brighten your days, though!

  11. i was just catching up on your blog and my condolences for BJ’s dad. i hope things are getting better. looks like grandpa garrison may soon have a following; i love reading the hilarious stories too, i hope you keep them coming 🙂

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