But then he had to go and be all funny like that.

Today was so long and not that exciting and I wasn’t feeling all that blessed about being the one who gets to take grandpa to his doctor’s appointments and make sure paperwork gets notarized and blah, blah, blah. I stayed up late, with out a real purpose mostly because Bj was back at work this week and I tend to loose time a bit when he’s gone. Staying up until four and getting up three times before my alarm was set to go off to answer the phone made me a bit of grouch. I made up for it by wearing a cute skirt, but still I’m sure I’m going to have to name the bags under my eyes soon.

Then I had to rush to the retirement place (and I did remind myself then how lucky/smart/insightful we were to find a place five minuets away) to gently wake up grandpa and have him sign papers. Then I ran back home did a few things left again to pick up paperwork and then grandpa. High point? He likes my car, low point? He hated just about everything else today. He hated all the trees ("they are monotonous"), he hated having to go out, he hated that we moved him so fast that he didn’t get his black glasses (turns out these are sunglasses), small handkerchiefs, and non-heavy shoes. He hates the new undershirts, new under ware, new doctor. He said we have traffic "like Southern California" when I pulled up to a red light (are you freaking kidding me here?), he hates that Oregonians don’t pump their own gas….

The doctor I found for him was really great and took 45 minuets talking to him after NO wait in the waiting room ("he’s not a doctor, he’s just a kid, what does he know."). He got all the tests ordered we wanted, he picked up on an perscription mistake by the previous doctor, but still grandpa was not happy. I was feeling tired and sorry and a million things when he told the
doctor that his son had died 18 days ago and he moved up here 9 days
ago. I feel like my life has gone in fast forward and slow motion at
the same time. The x-ray machine was horrible, it’s not meant for people who have shrunk and bent from 6’2" to 5’9". And the room was cold and he was so cranky when he was done. I felt a little better when we picked up Burger King and talked for a bit in his room. He told me a few stories and then flipped out over his cable bill. I must not have let on too much that I was so tired and agitated because when I was going to leave he told me to be careful. "Careful?" I asked. "Yes, be careful driving home, I don’t want anything to happen to you, you’re darling." Oh just go and melt my heart grandpa!

Three hours later the phone rings.

Me, all high pitched and squeaky, "Hello."
"Amber this is Grandpa."
Concerned, "Grandpa, is everything alright?"
"Listen when Bj gets home he needs to go get me some size 34 shorts, I can’t move in these size 30s. I didn’t wear this size when I was in grade school. I don’t know what the hell Kathy was thinking."
(um maybe that you weigh 124 pounds and are super skinny)
"He gets back tomorrow grandpa, I’ll tell him."
"Okay goodnight."

Okay those under ware must be pretty tight for him to break down and want some new ones considering a.that he hates to spend money and b.I thought he was allergic to new clothing. But funnier than that? The fact that he wants to make sure Bj is the one who goes and picks up the new tighty whities. LOL

p.s. yes grandpa has his own category, I couldn’t resist.

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  1. my grandpa has grouchy days like that too.
    where nothing seems to make him happy.
    I’m glad Grandpa G turned it around yesterday…
    he’s been through a lot in such a short time.
    You all have.
    oh and PS:
    I’m GLAD we don’t have to pump our own gas!
    haha! 🙂

  2. This was the sweetest post. I loved how you described your grandfather. And if my underwear is too tight…I am GROUCHY too….LOL!!!

  3. It must be so hard trying to take care of him, but it also seems those comic relief moments are always there to make you feel good! God bless Grandpa!

  4. Hey Amber, I have been praying for you and BJ during this hard time. I am praying for the transition. You are a DOLL to be there for him like you are. He sound like such a sweet, funny man!

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