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I love them. I was trying to use up paint I have and make them really easy to clean so the risers are painted with exterior paint. They got kicked up by a repair guy so I got to test out the whole cleaning them thing, and it was super easy. The tread is also painted with exterior paint with sand added. I think I might pour a little of this in a cup and add even more sand, it’s nice though, no slipping. Touch ups brought to you by:

This hot little number. Why hasn’t this yellow thing been in my life before? I got it when I picked up another can of Picket Fence white trim paint, and a new brush (ah first new brush since last summer). Next to the stairs I hung a couple of my prints:

I love how light and airy everything is now. I am the destroyer of beige, tan and cream, yeah me! I still have to put the finishing touches on them:

I tore this out of a magazine years ago. Of course I’m going to use different type and stuff, but basic idea. So on to the next project.

Which was the reason I was going to call this post "stripping in a bikini top" but I was afraid of google hits I might get. It’s super sunny again today and I’ve been broken out since the wedding so I have to get some sun on me so… bikini top and skirt to strip in! Now that’s not the smartest thing ever, but I did manage to do it with out giving myself a chemical burn, sa-weeeet. Maybe we will have doors inside this house!

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  1. Is it bad that I associate cherries with worms? I always hesitate biting into one… yuck!, but at the same time yum.
    I guess that’s kinda like life… the usual hesitations, then once you bite, satisfaction (hopefully!!). 😉

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