Wedding – The Ceremony

Okay since I changed my name officially yesterday I thought it would be a good time to continue on with the photos of our wedding. Plus nothing picks me up like looking at these photos. And since I did cave right before we found out about Bj’s dad and got
Ceara sang us the most beautiful song, accompanied by Brian and Melissa (two of our friends who are getting married themselves in June). It was so beautiful. They sang "We are Man and Wife" By Michelle Featherstone featuring Josh Kelley. I have to post the lyrics here because they are so perfect.

All the things you are to me
Darling you have set me free
I’ll always give you what you need
And what you deserve
All the joy and all this love
I know that it is from above
And now together there’s enough
To fill this world

‘Cause you are the love of my life
You are the love of my life
And now we’re man and wife

All the things that you will do
You know I’m standing next to you
And darling I will see you through
The rest of our lives
With you beside me
I have won
I’m glad I’ve waited for so long
There is no doubt
That you are the one for me

You are the love of my life
You are the love of my life

And every time
There will be things
Everything is going to be fine
Now you’re in my life

So I give you heart and soul
It’s yours to take wherever you go
And through the years
You’ll always know
It’s yours to keep
God has blessed this sacred vow
And angles high above look down
And see the two of us have found
The perfect love

You are the love of my life
You are the love of my life
You are the love of my life
You are the love of my life

Now we’re man and wife
We’re man and wife
Now we’re man and wife
We’re man and wife
We’re man and wife

Ceara’s voice is like that of an angle, and it’s a good thing I heard this first at the rehearsal otherwise I would have melted into a puddle. After the rehearsal Ceara’s all "I can’t look at you when I’m singing! I’ll loose it!" Meanwhile…
These photos make my heart sing, to see that we just have each other, no matter what. I’m Mrs. Garrison now, and oh so proud to be his wife!

Oh and Christy, I sent Sciarrino your comment, this is what she said, "sha REE no" 🙂

Edited to add. Oh ya, these were all taken by our photographer, Eric, who recently blogged about us!

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  1. You look amazing! The church is beautiful. You can feel the joy just by looking at the pictures!

  2. Your mom (hi Julie) is smokin’ beautiful! Awesome pictures of the wedding!

  3. Thanks for the pronunciation guide! I definitely needed it!
    I love the “tilt and blot” comment…going to have to remember that one!
    The pictures are gorgeous. What a lovely ceremony.

  4. Amber, I haven’t commented recently but I have been so thrilled to watch the progression of the “themes” of your wedding day. Your pictures are so incredibly beautiful, and you are the most joy-filled bride I’ve seen in a long time! Congratulations to you and Bj! I was sorry to hear about his dad dying, and the change this brings to your lives. You are handling it with grace, maturity and unity and you can’t go wrong with an attitude like that. Part of the reason why I haven’t taken the time to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your account and pictures of your wedding is because my dad also died (on April 22nd), and it has been an incredibly busy, hectic and sad time over the past month or so. My Dad was in his late seventies, and had a full, rich life, but it is still a very difficult thing to walk through, and I understand a little of what Bj is feeling. I love the account you’ve given of his Grandpa and what a great sense of humour he has! I’m sure your lives will be enriched by his life, even though it is more than just a little commitment to start your marriage with a third person already in your family! Blessings on you both as you celebrate your new life and also love and serve Bj’s Grandpa, together.

  5. your wedding is still amazing me!!
    love love every detail!!
    uhmmm…can you do mine in the future
    you did an amazing job 🙂

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