And time goes by

Yesterday I spent the day in Portland visiting Michele and little V, who turns a year old next month, which I can scarcely believe. Seriously the thing about life is it doesn’t stop when things get hard, or good, or busy, or crazy, or sad or anything, it just keeps going. Totally reminds me of the Ben Folds song Fred Jones Pt. 2, I digress…

Violet was as happy giggly and crazy as usual, with slightly more teeth.

And these eyelashes!

Okay so yes, she is one next month and as her godmother I want to do something special for her. I was thinking of a sort of ceremony that I’ve heard about where you cook three (?) things for the baby and then offer them up together and the baby chooses between the three and depending on what she chooses it means something about her future. I can’t remember where I heard about this and am probably messing it up totally but I think maybe it’s an Indian or Hindu thing? Does anyone know? Sorry if I’ve offended anyone on my total lack of Hindu knowledge, it’s bad I know, so thanks for any help!

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  1. Michele and Violet are the best to photograph—never a lack for rich color!
    Hindu traditions ??? (I’m just lucky I can spell it.)

  2. My daughter has a friend from Korea that did a similar ceremony to chose her future but I don’t think it was with food. My daughter is not good at getting details of stories…just the outcome. But I remember her telling me that her friend had some ceremony where,whatever she chose, would tell them her future career. Probably doesn’t help you though…sorry.

  3. Ok, to continue our baby talk…is she not the cutest thing or what!?! And about the ceremony…I have no idea. Sorry! But what you described sounds fun regardless.

  4. The only one I know of (doesn’t have to do with cooking, though) is placing in front of the baby on the floor a bible, a dollar bill and a piece of bread. Of course, if the bible is chosen the baby will become a worker of God, if the dollar is chosen they will become rich, and if the bread is chosen they will become a great chef….??? You can have fun with it though.

  5. Well in my capacity as a researcher all I could com up with was this but I think what you’re looking for isn’t in this link.
    (scroll down to Sacramants of Childhood)
    On a swervingly unrelayed note – what materials/methods would you use to do this ( to shoes? I am dying to know and Google will not yield me the information. As my living dictionary of all things crafty, I thought you might know. And, WOW how cool are those shoes?!

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