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Today Sciarrino and I went to a "discovery day" for her new Rebel XTI. I myself have a Nikon D50

How funny is this little bike. I could have made her stay on that all day, but she was already a little queesy from the swinging, so on to a more stationary object:

How to get people to laugh, tell them innappropiate things like, "lift your boobs up a little." Hehehehe.

Sciarrino just scored these jeans, then of course we just happen to park in front of this shop moving downtown and she finds two more cute pairs, three jeans in one weekend, ladies, we all know how hard that is to do. Then I got on the rock:

So I think I might go to the Nikon "discovery day" later this month, but what I really want to do is go to a real photo workshop. Okay if I had my total once in a lifetime wish it would be an Image is Found private shootshop, but then who wouldn’t want that?!?! I do have a birthday coming up (quick someone tell Bj!).

edited to add. Feels like this would be a great time to mention that Apple’s browser Safari is now available for free beta (meaning it is still working out its bugs) to Window’s users. Safari is the faster browser, and the BEST for viewing pictures. Here is why it rocks at color.

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  1. True that: images viewed on Safari are superior to those viewed on Firefox.
    If the subject weren’t me I’d have and easier time making positive comments (I’m my biggest critic); however I do enjoy the last image… that XTi looks hot, plus I love how your flip flops are flipped but arranged in a step and blurred.
    Maybe I should have you post a few I took?—tomorrow calls for another shoot… practice makes perfect.

  2. OMG! I LOVE the 2nd one – Sciarrino you look like a model!
    I am so going to one of those Shootshop workshops 🙂 If Jessica Clair ever did her own I would be there too!
    Good job man!
    Sciarrino where is your blog?

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