All By Myself…

Okay this morning I went thrifting BY MY SELF. This is actually not something I do that often, as I find it way more fun with friends. But since everyone works on Fridays I don’t have a choice really and the sales, well they were calling my name. So I bit the bullet and headed out early this morning. And I came back with some awesome stuff:

Each one has four sets, and is a different pattern. I love the bubbles the most. Each set was only two dollars! These sweet old ladies sold them to me, and told me they had been used in many a baby shower, how cute! They had a third set, but it had a grape motif, not something I’m fond of, so I’ll keep me eye out for more later. I think I’d need a few more to host a real shower.

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  1. What do I like best—that frickin YELLOW pie dish—wanna come over for dinner? you can bring dessert! 😉
    Maybe I’ll ask for Friday’s off for the rest of the summer….

  2. nice scores!
    esp that emile henry pie dish!
    those are spendy.
    oh man…i can’t wait to hit the sales tomorrow.
    i have 5 all mapped out. 🙂

  3. fun!!! you totally scored. I have that same silver urn thingy, I found mine the same place I got those pillow cases for you. It will look cute with tulips in there.

  4. Can’t wait to take off a Friday morning so we can thrift together! You scored big!

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