All By Myself…

Okay this morning I went thrifting BY MY SELF. This is actually not something I do that often, as I find it way more fun with friends. But since everyone works on Fridays I don’t have a choice really and the sales, well they were calling my name. So I bit the bullet and headed out early this morning. And I came back with some awesome stuff:

Each one has four sets, and is a different pattern. I love the bubbles the most. Each set was only two dollars! These sweet old ladies sold them to me, and told me they had been used in many a baby shower, how cute! They had a third set, but it had a grape motif, not something I’m fond of, so I’ll keep me eye out for more later. I think I’d need a few more to host a real shower.

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  1. What do I like best—that frickin YELLOW pie dish—wanna come over for dinner? you can bring dessert! 😉
    Maybe I’ll ask for Friday’s off for the rest of the summer….

  2. how fun!
    i plan to go too this weekend – just the local good will. wish me luck!

  3. nice scores!
    esp that emile henry pie dish!
    those are spendy.
    oh man…i can’t wait to hit the sales tomorrow.
    i have 5 all mapped out. 🙂

  4. fun!!! you totally scored. I have that same silver urn thingy, I found mine the same place I got those pillow cases for you. It will look cute with tulips in there.

  5. Can’t wait to take off a Friday morning so we can thrift together! You scored big!

  6. Lisa Guidry says: Reply

    My mom has ths glass bubbles server in her home 🙂

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