Find of the Day

Okay so I drove all the way to Stayton (a half hour away) for a block sale that was almost a bust, until I found this fifty cent gem.
Yes, this is the only thing I got today but check it, how often do you find a Bob Ross T-Shirt that will fit your crazy tee-shirt loving husband complete with the phrase "happy trees." In my experience, close to never.

9 Replies to “Find of the Day”

  1. Excellent find! That would be worth a one hour trip I think.

  2. that shirt rocks!

  3. oh for the love of
    happy trees and wispy clouds….
    that’s serioulsy awesome!

  4. Awesome!

  5. So this is what BJ was doing at “work” all day? Proof-read my document, dangit! =)

  6. By the way, didn’t *I* take that picture of you playing Lumines? I’m honored to be the taker of one of your daily pictures =)
    (It’s actually not a great picture, sorry)

  7. Bob Ross was a hero, not luck Chuck Norris, but still a hero.
    Luckily this photo was taken during one of my two 15 minute breaks that the government requires me to take. 😛

  8. I *heart* Bob Ross.

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