I was scared of the internet

Okay so I just finished reading Harry Potter, and no I’m not going to talk about it. I know some of you might still be reading, including Sciarrino! So I didn’t want to go online until I had finished it because I was so afraid I might accidentally find out what had happened. I planned on reading it fairly quickly, after all I’m quite a fast reader, but things got in the way. First of all we didn’t get out of the bookstore until 2:30am because we were so far down in the line. Then on Saturday I had Sciarrino and I went thrifting which, for reasons you’ll see below, took most of the day. I also had a dinner to go to up in Portland, and then the next day a mother daughter tea at the estate of a friend. I also had to work, and a few projects cropped up that I needed to get done (you’ll see in a bit). Which meant that I really didn’t start reading it until Monday, and then only a for a half hour here and there. So that put me about half way through. Tuesday I read for two hours, and then last night I read for one, and this morning I knew I wouldn’t get anything productive done until I had finished it so I laid in bed for three hours and devoured the rest.

So that leaves me with a little bit of time to make up. First up today: thrifting! On Saturday Sciarrino and I headed to the Brownsville city-wide sale, almost an hour south (we had thought it was closer in the initial planning stages). Angela was the one who sent me the link, but I don’t know if see was able to get down there (by the way Angela I DO want to learn rug hooking some day…). Anyway so if you recall from the long rambling paragraph above, Sciarrino and I were up very late the night before. How late you ask? Well it turns out they DO sell McDonald’s breakfast at three A.M. Ew I know, but I was craving a sausage biscuit. So anyway I had told Sciarrino she could be in charge of waking up when ever she wanted to, just call me and I’d be ready to go in 10 minuets. We were thinking about nine.

So Sciarrino wakes up hella early and can only hold off until a little after eight to call me (the sale started at nine, and it takes a while to get there). I fall out of bed, put some clothes on and we head down there. First stop? Junk. Second stop? Junk. Third stop? One pillowcase. Yeah, things were not working out in our favor. Stuff that shouldn’t even go to Goodwill, ew, ew, ew. I pulled out my iPhone and looked up some more classifieds and we found some estate sales in Lebanon, which is in between here and Brownsville. So we decided to cut our loses and head there. Two really dirty, gag inducing estate sales later and we were back on I-5 headed north. I can’t remember the exact time, but it was probably about 11:30, so most of the prime thrifting time had gone.

But we were not deterred. This is why we make such a great team. We laugh at the super bad sales (when Sciarrino’s not dry heaving) and we move on. I think many would give up after such a dire morning, BUT NOT US! And boy did it pay off:

The first place was one of those that you dream about (well at least I dream about stuff like this). Hundreds of jars (I’ve been having a serious shortage that has been really scaring me), chairs, giant piles of craft stuff with one price, odd kitchen gadgets, etc. When I walked up Sciarrino looked at me and I looked at her, and we had this unspoken thing like: "you go there, I go here, just grab stuff!" The best part of it all was the two middle-aged men running the show. Hilarious. Constantly poking fun at each other, it was awesome.

We left there and knew we had to stop at one more, how could we not? Our mojo was HOT! So we head out to this one sort of in the country. We made it through the kitchen, by then I had picked up those awesome little traveling bags up there, and the pyrex. I was in the garage with Sciarrino when an old lady fell right in front of me. There was a step she didn’t see. I rushed over to her, and told her not to move. Another lady came over and prayed over her, it was all very surreal. She started mumbling about Memphis and Mason, her two GREAT grand-kids that were with her. I went to go find them in the kitchen where they looked a bit bewildered. Luckily there were some encyclopedias for sale in there so I pulled out the M-Me and showed Memphis that her name was the same name as a city (okay side note, how has know one told her this before?!?!). Meanwhile paramedics were called, she couldn’t get up on her own and everyone was afraid she had broken a hip. While all of this was going on… hardly any one stopped shopping, even when the paramedics arrived! Since the 76 year old was laying in the doorway, they were like, "um should we step over her head, or?" LOL Seriously some people are so hard core. I told the paramedics about the kids, he asked them to point out grandma’s car so that he could get the car seats out and told them they might have to ride in the ambulance, which was okay with them.  Crazy.

By then it had gotten late, and we were starving, not having eaten all day. We ate, then went home and didn’t have time to sort through the bags of crafty stuff we got for a few days, because this is only half of it (dude Sciarrino get on the blog bus!!!). At dinner that night a friend asked me what I did with all this stuff. I think Bj questions my sanity when I bring it all home. And I didn’t even show you the drool-worthy furniture I picked up (thanks again Brent for letting us borrow your truck)! I plan on tackling that question in the next few days. Up next, projects not for the faint of heart…

Oh and if you want to see something really cool I have to give a shout out to Sarah and her new Etsy store. She is selling the most darling button bouquets, done all modern and cute, you really must check them out!

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  1. You gotta love those hardcore shoppers that have the nerve to step over some poor old lady who’s fallen and can’t get up just to get into a sale. Now i see why people get trampled to death in huge department store sales. I have to say good Karma on your part girls for waiting around and being patient. I’m excited to see this “drool worthy furniture!”

  2. Looks like you guys had some good finds!! I hope the old lady is ok, and I love the side note about telling the kid their name was the same as a city…LOL!! Like you rushed to find them, but luckily there were some encyclopedias nearby…LOL!!! Sigh! I miss you

  3. thanks for the shout out! 🙂
    that’s sweet.
    and what?!
    people were still shopping while the grandma was down?! CRAZY.
    I guess I’m glad I wasn’t able to make it to the Brownsville sales! Glad you found some good finds after all those yucky places!
    love the yellow case!

  4. Hi, you don’t know me but I’ve been reading your blog for a little while now. I’ve been a closet reader so now I guess you can say I’m out of the closet. I found your blog randomly and it was appealing and so I keep coming back for more. I especially love hearing about your thrifting adventures.I don’t think I’ve picked up on the answer but what do you do with the stuff you buy?

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