You Should See the Other Guy

Awe poor grandpa, he took quit the fall on Sunday afternoon. Luckily Bj was there, though he is beating himself up over not being able to catch him in time. And grandpa was starting to feel so much better. Sciarrino said, "Man you and Bj just can’t catch a break" And sometimes I feel like that. The past two Friday’s I’ve had funerals to attend. One a classmate from high school who died as a result of a crash with a drunk driver. The other a wonderful family man who hired Bj when he worked at the builder’s supply all those summers. All I want is happiness, I look for it everywhere. So I’m just going to say that I think the fall may actually turn out to be a blessing. It turns out he fell after feeling dizzy. Well when they hooked him up to the heart monitor they noticed that his heart would start to beat really slowly at times (like 30 beats a minuet), that probably caused him to get dizzy, which caused him to fall. Grandpa had a pig valve put in to replace one of his own 12 years ago and has been on meds ever since. So they adjusted some of those to see if that would change the heart rate. If it doesn’t he’ll probably get a pacemaker. But either way they’ll figure out the heart rate thing, and hopefully that will make him feel lots better. And the staff at the hospital has talked grandpa into getting a walker, which is huge, because he hasn’t wanted to "waste his money on it." When I came in this morning he was all smiley and feeling better, and told me, "guess what? I ordered a GREEN walker." Hehehe, he did that just for me, that’s so cute. Then later the nurse came in and said, "Oh are you the grand-daughter in-law?" I said yes, and she said, "So you’re the one who loves green, I know all about you." See, he says he’s a big grouch, but it’s just a show, he really can be quite sweet. So I’m counting my blessings. That he lives so close, that we live so close to the hospital, everything. And thank god for military insurance, seriously!

Best quote from grandpa about the whole thing so far was when Sciarrino and I came to visit him last night. He was trying something from a little cup. I read his reciept and said, "oh it’s ice cream." He said, "If this is ice cream my last name is Swartz." Sciarrino and I were laughing, like, what? What does that even mean? LOL!

I have been working on cool things around here, and I really would like to blog about the lighter side of things so hopefully I’ll get to that tonight.

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  1. That is the most heart-wrenchingly sweet picture ever! In spite of his injuries the look on his face is so childlike and innocent. You just want to hug him. And the banana…that is just keepin’ it real! He’s a keeper.
    Sorry for all the hard stuff lately Amber. Hopefully happier days are ahead… You and B.J. are awesome to love and take care of Grandpa so well.

  2. awww…he is such a sweetie
    melts my heart and hurts me to see him with this shiner.
    you and bj are so lucky to have him in your life and vice versa
    awesome family.

  3. poor grandpa . . .
    but how cute about his green walker!
    just shows how much he cares about you! awww!
    hoping things start to turn around for you.
    you deserve happy stuff. always.

  4. He’s so cute… Bruise and all!
    Its times like this that makes us all appreciate the little things in life.
    Things should start turning around for the better… Good Carma you know!
    You all deserve to be blessed!

  5. Poor cute grandpa! The picture is so touching, you can feel his pain thru the expression in his eyes. He seems like the sweetest man. And I know you’ve been faced with hard times, but remember: God does not give us more than we can handle. So try not to feel discouraged 🙂

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