A picture is worth…

So what photography equipment is coming on my trip? I spent a good portion of today trying to figure that out. Of course my D50 (can I just say how happy I still am with this camera since

Dill in my mom’s garden. SICK! I love this lens. And another new toy (shot with that lens and the speedlight):

It’s a Polaroid Land Camera Automatic 100. Unfortunately they don’t make batteries for this anymore. I’m going to do some searches to see if I can find one, but I won’t get one before the trip. This site has a lot of great information about the Land Camera. We tried rigging up three AAA to get the right voltage, but couldn’t get it to stay. That black picture was what we got. I wanted to find a Polaroid that would take some of the expired film I have for my DayLab so I hit up all the thrift stores. I ended up also getting a couple of One Steps, and I’ll take one of those and 600 film that I picked up today. I am determined to get that Land Camera going when I get back though.  And play with my DayLab more, it’s so wicked cool really. I just have to find some place that will turn digital photos into slides for me, anybody know of a good place?

I also have a Sony Digital HandyCam from back in the day. It was the hugest purchase of my life. I remember using all the savings I had built up from when I first started my savings account (like 8) and cashing in pennies and everything. I have neglected it for years, but I really want to play with it, unfortunately the eject system is acting up a bit. I had that repaired once, so I’m not thinking it’s looking to hopeful to bring it. We’ll see. If I do get it turned on though I could upload some classic Sackett video. Ah good times.

edited: oh and you should check out my this day. Hehehe.

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