a riddle

What two coins when added together equal .30, but one is not a nickel?

Edited to add: This post was by Sciarrino. We are testing out her being able to post because she is going to be the guest blogger for ten days. I hate it when I go to a blog and they have nothing up for days. And Sciarrino is very, very clever so I’m excited to see what she shares with you. Everyone be nice to Sciarrino and say hi!

oh also does anyone know how to get it say at the bottom: posted by ____________?

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  1. Hi Sciarrino! 🙂
    I can’t help ya on the posted by thing since I’m blogger and you’re typepad…
    but I do use bloglines to track my blogs and in bloglines it said that this message was posted by Katie Sciarrino.

  2. I know how… I think I can just type “posted by Sciarrino” at the end of whatever I post—I think I can handle that. 😉

  3. Did you get an answer to the riddle yet?
    I’m guessing: One is a quarter and the other one is a nickel…….

  4. Thanks for playing Jodi (and later Marcia)—a quarter and a nickel it is (as seen on Scrubs).

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