Spin Cycle

I’ve been over

Today it was try and I can’t wait to knit it up, I’m thinking a cap.

But first I am going to spin up my souvenir from Alaska:

I wanted to get some thing to take home that wasn’t like a traditional gift or whatever. So I got this at this super cute little yarn shop called Knitting Grounds (hello Zaynab is you’re reading this). These bats were only six dollars each, what a steal! I also finally got some Zimmerman books there. OH I might have to make a baby surprise jacket with this!!! I’ve already started:

Now this is what I call a lovely relaxing birthday!

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  1. Happy Birthday Dearest Daughter of mine! It was fun spending time with you this evening, wish you the very best year ever!!! Love & Hugs, Mom

  2. so glad your birthday was happy & relaxing! 🙂
    also, question…
    at your housewarming I met a lovely lady who owned/managed/worked at (??) a local yarn shop – where’s that shop & what’s it’s name?
    I’m planning on teaching myself to knit socks this fall and need to find some pretty yarn. Thought next time I was in town, I’d check out the shop.
    thanks! 🙂

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