Okay still no fan (I was secretly hoping someone would say, hey we have one in our attic!), but Tracey gave me some great leads, as did Elizabeth. But I do think I found my tins! Michele posted about Lee Valley, which looks awesome, and has great customer service. They emailed me back right away, and unfortunately their tins will not hold a magnet, but they do have great prices, you can check them out here.  The ones I’m going with are these (in the three ounce size), thank LeAnne for emailing me that info! I heard back from the company and their’s do attach to magnets, yeah!!!!  And Jenny, I can’t figure out how to email you back, but I have a question about this Target new version of my fan, specifically, is it loud? I need it loud. So all of you girls: Tracey, Elizabeth, Michele, LeAnee and Jenny email me at amberlee23 (at) hotmail (dot) com with your addresses so I can send you some packets of fun!
I think I’m going to be digging into these newly organized boxes of goodness. But seriously whoever can hook me up with my fan’s twin is getting something good, really good. I’m going to start planning that now in the hopes that someday it will happen!

Edited to add: These are the boxes, Stockholm Office Storage Boxes on sale right now at the Container Store.

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  1. Ah. Amber…no need to send me anything. Thanks though. It was fun and my pleasure to find out about the McGraw-Edison/Toastmaster history since I used to live near the main plant. I’ll have to keep an eye out on my travels through Missouri since Western Auto was based in Kansas City for your fan. Sorry I couldn’t come up with a model number or something. That would have made things easier to search for!

  2. I know what you mean about loud fans…the new ones are not loud enough. I’d recognize the Wizard in a dark alley. I’ll keep my eyes peeled, I’m going on a cross country road trip in a week, maybe one will turn up at a garage sale or thrift shop.

  3. Glad you found the little tins. How many did you get? I am sure you are stocking up. Your blog is the best (ok the only one I read but still), so interesting!

  4. The target fan is loud!! I love mine!! You should go see if they would let you play with one at Target!

  5. I have a fan like that…actually two! Love them!!! It’s definately a newer version though. It’s all silver, no covering on the stand portion like yours.
    I lovingly think it sounds like an airplane on high… but it’s much quieter on low.
    We got them at Walmart and I just saw them there a couple of weeks ago. They are VERY inexpensive (less than $10?) but they are sturdy (not plastic!!) and work great.
    I’d be happy to call you and let you listen to it over the phone. hahaha!

  6. Called hubby and had him check the brand. It’s a Lakewood. Google them and you can see what they look like. I definately didn’t pay the prices I saw when I googled though!!
    I’ll take a picture when I get home.

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