Violet’s Album

I had this old Kolo album that didn’t quite work out for me. I got it to do my college years, but it drove me absolutely batty because you can’t add in pages easily, and it was terribly boring to do things in order, after so much time had passed. So I was cleaning out my studio and came across it and decided I should do an album for Michele with all the pictures I’ve taken of Violet. I wanted it to be a really quick project, simple, no journaling (but room for it if Michele would like to add it), and Ribbon Jar ribbon on every layout. I’ve worked on it for about five hours. I put up the whole album Violet_13

I tried scanning them in and then doing the photomerge things since they are 12×12 and you can’t fit that on my printer. But it is so time consuming, they never look quite right, and I wanted to be able to print them in a 6×6 size so I could keep a copy.  So I set up  the cookie sheet downstairs and used the flash. Not bad, I kept them mostly square.

I finally got to see Miss Potter. The local rental place only has two copies and they are always out. It is so wonderful, I really recommend it. Great acting, wonderful story, and there is a mini biography on Beatrix Potter since the movie is not 100% realistic. And I finally figured out how to be email notified when I get a comment on the blog. I love being able to respond to you by email now. I might not always do it, but it’s good to be able to when I want to comment back. So comment away my friends!   

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  1. You’re so crafty, and Violet was so tiney! It’s great to see how she has grown. She will love having that to look at when she’s older 🙂

  2. Great album! The pages are all so unique but go so well together. And I loved the idea of using (colored) staples while scrapbooking!

  3. amber that is so great! what a treasure for little violet!
    I love all the vintage treasures on each page…
    especially that ledger paper! wow!
    and is that step by step knitting piece a piece of ribbon jar ribbon?! I love that!

  4. i just looked at the whole album- it’s fabulous. you are above and beyond every other god mother on the planet. josh got me a quickutz for christmas, and i know there’s got to be an easier way to get the letters to stick without using glue…so tell me scrapbooking queen, please?

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