Doctor, doctor.

I go to the doctor’s clinic about every other week, but just as a chauffeur to grandpa. I bring my knitting, wear a skirt (the last time I didn’t grandpa said I, "looked like a hobo."), and hang out. I did that today, and got to enjoy grandpa completely mixing and matching two separate outfits I got him:
I wisely said nothing, but note to self: next time I buy his clothes make them all mix and match! Like his belt? I used my scrapbooking tools to punch five extra holes in it so he could wear it, LOL I use scrapbook stuff for everything! So anyway I also had an appointment today. I figured after I got married and got some "good" insurance that I should get a physical. I’ve been putting this off as the last time I went to the doctor’s with my paid-for-it-myself-super-cheapo insurance plan it cost 65 dollars, and the insurance shelled out $2.65. What the hell? Why bother right? So way back in April I made an appointment and it was today. I had no pediatritaion when I was little, my parent’s opted to take me to a regular family physician, so I literally have had the same doctor since I was a baby. They had a tray set up for an annual and I was like, um, NO, Dr. E, I’ve known you way to long. I’m all about the girl doctor for the girl parts. Anyway so it all went well. Apparently my body thrives on jalapeno dip, corn chips, and diet coke for breakfast (which is what I had this morning). I am seriously such a bad eater. I’ve written it all down before and half my calories are candy. Not chocolate, nothing with any kind of good powers, I’m talking jelly beans and marshmallows. Anyway I asked to have my cholesterols checked, sugars, iron, etc. I went down to the lab to make an appointment and my insurance doesn’t cover it. I have to go to the freaking hospital for that. So stupid. I’m being pro-active. I’m being good, getting all checked up before there is a problem, I mean won’t this save them lots of money in the long run? And aren’t they all about saving money and scamming me? Grrrr…
I remember when our exchange student Susanne was diagnosed with cancer. She was from Denmark. The government flew her dad over to come get her, they paid for everything, and her mom was by her side the whole time because they have very generous leaves. Sure they don’t have uber rich over there because like half there money goes to tax. But big deal, I mean if I got cancer right now I would be screwed, like so bad. My parent’s would have to bail me out, we’d be in debt, and I HAVE insurance. I watched Sicko when I was up in Alaska so I’ve been thinking about this a lot. I’m  not politically inclined, and I don’t want this blog to be about all of that, but after today I just had to hold my head in my hands and say, really?

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  1. Ya, insurance sucks sometimes. Grant went to the dentist and had to shell out $400-some dollars for a filling. A filling!!! The insurance paid for 2 of his cleanings in one year, after that, I guess we’re on our own. So I feel your frustration.
    It has always amazed me how you can stay so petite, so fresh looking with all that junk you eat all the time. 🙂 Hey, whatever works right? And if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

  2. 1. Insurance Rant: When I was going to OSU, I ended up having a medical issue that the athletic department would not cover and student health didn’t have the resources for, and at the time I was on student health insurance. So I ended up being referred to a Doctor outside the “system.” Just to leave student health was a fee of $300, out of my own pocket, the treatment i had to have was $3000, insurance covered 80% of that and followed by nine follow-up visits to make sure everything was fine. Just to top it all off, I ended out getting am ulcer/hole in my stomach from the pain killers they gave me, which resulted in a $2000 trip to emergency and a million tests. (it cost me more because i didn’t call to get “approval” to go the emergency.) Who the heck calls before they go to emergency? “Ya, sorry i cut my arm off, can have approval to go the hospital?”
    In the end it cost me about $3500 or more. Thank fully my parents were there to bail me out as a students funds are limited.
    2. Conclusion to Rant: The reason I’m going off about having to pay for medical treatments is because I’ve lived in Canada my entire life and have never had to shell out a cent (until recently, $50 a month.) for medical help. I was actually shocked at the cost when i had to go through the system in the US. I see why people end up bankrupt, severely sick and dead just because they are unable to pay their bills. What kind of system is that? I’m not saying the Canadian system is perfect by any means because IT’S NOT!!!! but people should not have to die because they can’t pay!

  3. hang up your pride and go to the FREE CLINIC. Even the co-pay there is cheaper than what you must have paid. (I am FROM Alaska, man I miss it like crazy!)

  4. Our National Health Service gets picked on a lot but I love it and I would not swap it for your system. Move here! UK…UK…UK…
    BTW, I mismatch outfits all the time. I always ask Ed if I’m looking a bit crazy and he always says no. But other people think I do I’m sure of it.

  5. Love Grandpa’s outfit!
    As for the rest of it, I have a different perspective, but that is what makes the world go around. 🙂

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