Portland Quest

On her never ending quest to get me to move to Portland Michele showed me a fabulous day yesterday in that city. Of course it helps that I get to hang out with a couple of my favorite people:
Violet is a bit confused by my flash, but she better get used to it, as a gloom has settled over the valley. I swear I don’t know what happened, we went from strategically opening and closing windows to keep the house cool to buttoning them all shut and shivering! There is no way I’m turning on the heat already, or pulling out my warmer clothes, so I’ve resorted to layering and knee highs.

Back to yesterday. I drove up after taking all my packages to the post office. It sprinkled off and on, but the drive was pretty nice as almost all summer road resurfacing is complete on the five, making it so nice and smooth. We hung out, drove around to find this yarn shop I had a credit at, which no longer existed (sob). Then we went to lunch at the CUTEST little place, called P.B. and Ellie’s. I mean when they bring you out water they automatically bring the kids sippy cups. Awe…. Then it was nap time for V, and I knitted more mitered squares because I can not stop. I also check my iPhone for more yarn shops, and it turns out there was one right in the village that sold cotton classic. So we went over there and Michele had to show me all the cutest stores, a candy shop, baby/kidswear shop, bead place, fabric store, toy store. All within a few blocks. Yes, I get it, Portland is awesome, but so is my house, so that’s where the dilemma lies. And now that we’ve got grandpa here we are not going to move for a couple of years. But I still love to visit. If nothing else so I can see all of my friends who are up there. I try to cram them all into one visit, it doesn’t usually work, but I did get to see Matt, Tex, and Martin at dinner. We went out to Serratto’s Yum, yum! A great day in a great city with great friends. Life is good.

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  1. You must tell Michele you have to live in Salem, so that when you have kids you will be close to your Mom and to quit trying to entice you to move there.

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