Random Monday

Let’s start with some grandpa randomness. This evening when Bj and I went over to visit (had to bring him a chocolate milkshake, we’re trying to bulk him up), we got on the subject of email. He wanted to know how it worked and what it was. We were talking about it and I told him that I emailed back and forth with Kay, a friend from camp all the way over in England. He was impressed, but then we got the question we always get, "And how much did that cost you." We both replied, "nothing." He could not believe it. "No," he said, "if that was so why have phones any more?" Hehehe, I still don’t think he quite gets the concept. I told him I’d print one off and bring it over tomorrow. Oh and another grandpa thing? I think we should all add back in, "and how," to our vocab. He said it tonight and I couldn’t think of the last time I’d heard it used (besides Disney movies of course).

On with the randomness. I played a lot with my camera/flash so I’ll let my photos do the talking (and I’ll subtitle).

Since my day doesn’t really start until lunch, god I am so useless and lazy until noon, true story.

Down to the "lower level" I don’t think I’ll ever get over the sick ill coolness of the floor. I do have to repaint a section already as it didn’t stick in one spot, but still. First day of the fall wearing my heavy duty slippers, it’s cold!

On Bj’s desk. A couple years ago when I visited Ceara we decided to find the tackiest thing to bring Bj home. She won.

Bj serenades me, swoon, I’m so lucky.

sooo lucky. Love him.

Michele gave me a ton of V’s old stuff. We went through it all to save these away. Ah I get so distracted by baby clothes, I think I might have to get a doll to dress up since a baby is a long ways away.

So of course I have to take a break from the mitered squares blanket and start up a baby surprise jacket for V. Even though Michele has shrunk every wool thing I’ve made her. She will be getting this with return envelopes so she can send it back to me for cleaning! Hey my handspun is knitting up pretty nice, huh?

Looking at the fab illustrations in, "An Introduction to Entomology" originally 1924, I have the 1950 edition. I picked this up because some one was an entomology major, right? Reid? Erin? Kay? Who was it? Let me know because you will have some cool pages coming your way (if you like).

And now I’m off to try and fix that hair cut. Random indeed. I’ve been thinking about the blog lately. Wondering how people find me, who reads me, etc. I’ve been getting lots of emails instead of just comments, which is nice, I just suck sometimes at getting back, so sorry if I haven’t. Bj and I were talking about if too much of us was on the blog. Well him, and he’s a big part of my life. It’s hard to find a balance I think. I read this article in Time once about blogging, and how successful blogs stick to one main theme, topic. Life in Color is all over the place sometimes. But I love it, and I love looking back on it. It’s how my life is. Some here some there, knit, sew, scrapbook, all the crafts. But life overall. My life, and I’m glad some of you look forward to my entry everyday. I look forward to your comments. Much love from me to you!

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  1. Yes to the Entomology! Well remembered Mrs Garrison (I nearly wrote Miss Pence). I think Erin was doing entomology too.
    On the topic of blogs. Hmmm it’s tricky because I love the dedicated-to-one-topic kind if I’m looking for something on that particular topic on any given day I know I’ll find something. Then again, I visit your blog every day because it’s different every day and I’m interested to know what you’re doing. I think I should just stay with what you’re doing.

  2. Grandpa = Cute
    BJ serenading you = sexy (nice pic of him, by the way!)
    Your blog = perfect the way it is! It’s boring reading about the same stuff all the time…I like how you change it up. Those of us who live far away and can’t see you everyday tune in to your blog to see what you’ve been up to. Something different happens to the average person everyday, so why not blog about it? It’s great!

  3. Well, you KNOW how I found you – searching for my wall color !! I get a kick out of reading your entries and hearing about Grandpa. My parents live with us – my Dad is 81 – so I can relate. Have a great day !

  4. OK, I’m trying the comment thing! Guilty, I used email because I didn’t know this was here. Duh! You said it best – Life in Color is just that = colorful, all over the place. Don’t change a thing!

  5. I found you when I was looking for scrapbook layout ideas on Google. It was probably a month or two before your wedding and I LOOOOOVED everything you did with that so I kept checking back.
    I found myself telling my parents the other day, “So I read this girl’s blog online and now I really reall REALLY want a spinning wheel.” So jealous of your lovely handspun! =)

  6. don’t change a thing…
    I love that it’s random-ish.
    I also agree with Ceara – it gets boring to read the same thing over and over – mix it up! 🙂
    nice pictures too!
    oh and that yarn? wow – the colors are GORGEOUS!

  7. As I’ve told you before, I love your blog Amber.
    It’s so YOU.
    There’s a saying “If it’s not broken…don’t fix it!”
    That about sums it up!

  8. I did environmental science and zoology and kept insects as a hobby. About the blog…if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Oh hey, just read the comment above mine after I wrote that, great minds think alike!

  9. I know slim to none about entomology…just that I prefer my life & a bugs life remain seperate! *smile*
    I adore your blog & visit you pretty much every day. I enjoy my daily dose of COLOR!

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