Cut and Cover

I got a couple of things done this weekend that I have been meaning to do. Including cutting my love’s hair. He wanted me to start with a 1 and when I did a little patch I knew it would be too short. Brent came over half way through the haircut/giggle feast (I can’t help it!) and tried to even him out:
I am seriously so bad at cutting his hair. He said today, "I don’t know why I have you cut my hair," to which I replied, "I don’t know why you do either!" Hehehe. Before me his mom cut his hair, but now that it is really short, and just a shave basically it needs to be done more often then he sees her, so I’ve been taking a stab at it. I think I need to take a few lessons from her (she is a retired hairdresser), number one question I have, "how do you stop laughing while cutting hair when your subject makes faces at you?"

I also made a cute cover for my knitting notebook. Still going nuts with

Love Elise fabric paper, Basic Grey, Scrapworks, Making Memories Staples and thrifted dictionary, vocab card, ledger paper, and needle packaging. Much better. I can carry it around now with a little class while I search out more colors of Cotton Classic:

Mmmmm. And the inside cover:

See putting the gigantic Dymo to use! This is one of those journals that I had to buy a whole pack of way back in 2005. I think I’ll have them forever, as my Elmer journaling has fallen to the wayside since the blog. I cleaned up the studio. I have a few things I want to do in here before I take more pictures of it’s new incarnation, including a redo of another wall (why not?) and a window seat thing that I’m still trying to source. Turns out I’m picky….

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  1. How sweet is it that BJ lets you keep trying to cut his hair… You must not be doing such a bad job after all.

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