Spinning for actual knitting

Last night I was rocking the baby surprise sweater…

So I started doing a ply of this awesome Maisy Day Merino. When you first start to spin your yarn is really slubby, full of thick and thin places, but at no real set intervals, couple that with insane twist problems and it can make for some crazy yarn. So I’ve gotten a lot better at making nice even thin singles. But I can’t seem to make even thick singles. So I reverted a bit and went for this thick and thin. I’m going to bring it with me to the festival and find something else to ply it with (to stretch out this batch since I only have 8 ounces, about four of these bobbins worth). Should give me enough for…? I don’t actually know so I’m off to Borders tomorrow to get Spin to Knit (coupon, yeah!). I’m going to figure out how much fiber it takes to do a big project and I’m going to go to the festival with a plan! Don’t worry I’ll show you all the spoils :). Now if only I didn’t have to do pesky book keeping catch up during the day…

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