The Library Rocks!

Today was kind of a slow day for me, as in I moved so slow. I went to visit with grandpa and picked us up the usual, a frozen coke for me and chocolate shake for him, so that caffeine helped a little. Grandpa was in a kind of mood today that drives me crazy. Luckily I got to hang out with Sciarrino tonight and vent so you won’t get the brunt of it here because she did (love you Sciarrin!). Basically we got to talking about Halloween because I got that cool new Martha Stewart special (the one with two covers) when I was grocery shopping for him. He was telling me about what a stupid thing Halloween is, and how it’s such a waste of time to make costumes (I hope you’re not reading this Erika!). He thought the cute little girl in the snow princess costume looked, "satanic" (which is really ironic considering he’s an atheist so what does he care…). I was like, "but grandpa didn’t Billy dress up?" (Bj’s dad) "No, waste of time, we didn’t do that kind of thing." "Well what did Billy do?" "Write on people’s windows with soap… later with candles then it doesn’t come off." Okay… Then he started dissing his own sister! Telling me how ugly she was, and how their own dad was like, "good riddance" when she got married at 16. I was so shocked, "Grandpa," I said, "Don’t say things like that about you’re sister it’s so mean!" "It’s not mean, it’s true, I’m only telling the truth." Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I think to myself, okay I think it’s been a hour and grandpa needs to rest. "Grandpa I’m going to go so you can get some rest." "All I do all day is rest." "Love you! Bye!"

Grandpa can be hilarious, and so kind, and I think deep down he is a really good person, but he’s definitely not the world’s biggest optimist. Sometimes I wish I was going to meet one of the cute old ladies with too much red lipstick and they were going to teach me how to do argyle knitting. But then I think I’m probably learning a lot more than I realize right now, like patience, I’ve always had a terrible time with that, and I think I might just be getting a good lesson in that right now!

Luckily Bj can somehow know what I’m thinking and make it all better by simply signing an email off, "love ya my darling wife!" and suggesting I go to the library when I can’t get the book I want at Borders. I had to call him back after my 45 minute reconnection with myself inside that wonderful building and tell him he was a genius. I have these like mental blackouts where I forget the library even exists (usually coinciding with some over due charges). Then I go there and I’m blown away all over again. I got every book I wanted, and then some, got help from the sweetest librarian ever, and used my iPhone to pull up my amazon wish list and "shop" from it, awesome! I also got some things not on my list. Check.This.Out.

Barbra Walker I hail to you. I must make this skirt. Sciarrino said, "But it looks heavy like a blanket." Exactly my friends, exactly. Now for the girl (me) who wore a skirt, knee high Uggs, thick top, tights, and a down jacket in todays "freezing" 68 degree weather (brrr). Okay by the way I need to seriously increase my tiny stash of tights and knee highs, so any good links, pass them on please!

I left the library feeling very good indeed, to come home to a tiny package with this in it:

Awe! I think I might keep this in my handbag, for when random dymo needs come up! It’s only four inches long! Then I went to hang out at Sciarrino’s new place, the bag making factory:

Ohhh that’s some of the

It’s an Amy Butler pattern, but I forget which, Sciarrino? So now I must sew something, very inspired I am. Off to spin, goodnight!

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  1. oh man. sorry you had to deal with a grumpy grandpa…
    mine gets that way sometimes too.
    I think it might have something to do with being lonely.
    love the bag by the way…
    I really need to learn to sew! 🙂

  2. ps Sarah: I often think it’s silly when people say they can’t sew because there’s really nothing to it; however, without patience you’re pretty much screwed. 😉 Just jump on a machine and practice straight lines and you’re golden.

  3. Ed says to me recently: “we have so many books and we keep buying books and paying money out and filling up our shelves. Wouldn’t it be good if there was a place you could just take a book, read it and then take it back for someone else to read?”
    Errrr yeah. It would.

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