Big (wide) Love

oh my yummy goodness. My dad hired me to take pictures for a condo project he is involved in. He wanted me to take shots at what is going to be the third, forth, and fifth floors from a lift so that people can get an idea of the view from their balconies. Um, okay! 1. I got to go up on lift 2. take pictures on the nicest fall day in history 3. I got to use this amazing 12-24mm lens. Oh heaven. Have you seen these things?

It’s a mess, try and ignore that, but it’s my whole studio; floor, ceiling, both walls, crazy. One more fun shot:

Those were right in front of the lens. Okay I need some one to take a picture of me taking a picture so you can get a good idea. The only bad thing is the lens is kinda a light hog (maximum opening is 4), and you can’t use an on camera flash because of the shadow, but I have the 600 speedlight, so it’s not a big problem for me. Now what I was "hired" for:

View to the north east.

View to the west.

View to the south east.

Mmmm. Oh and also my first time doing a portrait session (for the company website):

What do you think? No, please tell me. There was severe sunny overhead light so I opted to walk around a bit and took this in a shaded alley with my 50mm. I think it worked out well. Thoughts?

Now what to take pictures of before I have to give the wide angle lens back? Hmmm everything!

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  1. I know you always say that it’s the camera, not you, that takes such great pictures…but I disagree. Yes, your camera takes great shots, but you have such a good eye. What a beautiful fall day in Salem! And the portrait looks good–the shade helps…keeps the face from looking too shiney. It gives an honest view of the person. Nice work!

  2. Love your new lens.
    The portrait is great. The only thing I’d change is the beige background.
    It makes the beautiful lady’s face a little bit washed out.
    Imagine her in front of a brick wall or something like that. She’d just “pop”
    instead of blending.
    You’re a natural though, and your pictures are great. Love those ever important “catch-lights”!

  3. oh how i need one of those lenses. i swear, i am always complaining to my hubby about how i wanna get my camera inches from something to take a pic and it just won’t focus…grrrr! on my shopping list this puppy goes 🙂

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