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I haven’t been up to much this week, hence the slow blogging, but last night and today I finally had time to have some fun. Yesterday I picked up Emilie and we went with Sciarrino and Matt to First Thursday in Portland. We had a great time walking around the city. My favorite exhibits were Scott Peterman: Ice Houses and some Gee’s Bend quilts I got to see at the Elizabeth Leach Gallery. I was lucky enough to get to meet some of the woman who made the quilts.

Then today I got to hang out with the lovely and talented Nora Griffin and her husband Sean.

They first got to come and have lunch at my place. When they showed up it was like I already knew them, since we’ve been reading each others blogs for a few years now. So much fun.  And I got to show them around the loveliness that is Salem. Lucky for me they loved the city as much as I do. We went to a bunch of cute boutiques on State street. Nora was very impressed with the fall foliage.

After that we headed north to Aurora, I think I’ve talked about it before, it’s a cute little antiquing town. It was a great day. Finding blog friends is always a double edged sword, I knew we would get along well and have fun, but she has to go home to cali! I’m sure we’ll hang out again next time we cross paths.

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  1. how cool!
    I emailed with Nora tons of places she had to hit while Portland.
    Glad you two got to meet – sounds like a super fun day! 🙂
    are prices good in aurora?
    I’ve been thinking about going there someday.

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