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Still working on my wedding scrapbook. I’m trying to use things I have, so I’m making it in one of those Scrapworks albums that have different pages in them. I need to get more 12×12 pages for it though, I’ll have to search for some. I thought I had like a ton of empty albums, but turns out though I scrapbook sporadically I’ve still managed to fill seven albums. They are so completely random sometimes too. Making me want to do this next. I did four pages in separated pages, so they don’t photograph well, but I thought this was a good one to put up here. Remember

My knitted skirt deserves its own page I thought, as I love it so.  Other things I love, love, love?

Sciarrino whipped this pair of fetching fingerless gloves up for me. Okay so she didn’t, but they were too small for her so I got them, yeah!  She also brought me  a paper sample packet called "recyclopedia"  I have serious paper sample love. The two squares I punched out in the layout above are from the set. It is just the most fabulous thing knowing people who just get you, you know? Thanks Sciarrino!

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  1. You are so good at scrapbooking! I also agree with BJ- less knitting more scrapbooking. 😉

  2. i especially love the skirt page.
    that turquoise with the orange is fantastic…
    and i love your new fingerless gloves!
    looks like she used the same debbie bliss green as i’m using in my blanket…oh the softness!!!! 🙂

  3. knowing you soo well, I have a few more samples I grabbed two of titled “Color” and “Green Living.” It helps that we like much of the same ingenious things.
    kindred spirits.

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