He asked for it.

So yesterday after picking Emilie up from school we stopped at a local scrapbook store to pick up Ali’s new book. I haven’t had a chance to do anything but flip through it at a stop light, but just going into the shop made my scrap mojo start to come back. We got out all my goodies and I took Nancy’s recommendation and started on my wedding scrapbook (about time right?).

A page on our save the date cards. "love our save the dates. We were so lucky to have an "in house" graphic designer: Sciarrino. Her & a co-worker came up with the clever wording. They were customized based on the recipient – only a few people got all the tickets." The date page is from an old diary, 7 gypsies transparencies, sassafrass lass, basic grey, and SEI paper. I wish knowledge of scrapbooking product was some kind of great skill to have. It is one of the only things I’ve ever managed to memorize!

So no big pages yet, no pictures, but a good start, I think. And I have a big mess going on, so good things are sure to come from that.

In other news: I’m selling my computer (!). I know my computer (Dual 2 GHz PowerPC G5) is so so beautiful and wonderful and everything good. But Bj also has one and it’s a bit newer so we’re downsizing, and upgrading at the same time:

Bj is getting a MacBook (the sexy black variety). The goal is that hopefully we can get our act together on getting a window seat in the studio and he could be up here with me while I blog/craft/knit/surf/etc. So I’m getting his computer, well we’re sort of sharing both. But his computer will be up here with two screens and hooked up to our big Epson. My computer has a ton going for it (besides being a super sexy mac, have you seen the insides of these things?), and it was my first mac (I got it right before I started the blog).  Now that Bj’s  MacBook is here we’re going to start backing up files, and shuffling things around. So I’ll post more about my computer later if anyone is interested. And if you use the computer like I do, yes, it can handle watching a movie, editing photos, and surfing the web simultaneously no problem. hehehe.

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  1. Awww Amber!
    I love your pages…
    Good for you!
    I wish my kids would listen to me as well as you do!!

  2. yay! wedding pages! 🙂
    love the title page. that big g is cool!
    i need to get up to the store to get ali’s book…
    maybe this weekend – did they have a lot of them?
    ohhh…if i wasn’t saving for a trip to hawaii
    i’d snatch up your mac in no time flat.
    i really need a computer at home!

  3. Your wedding scrapbook is guna be awesome! Umm..how much you want for that computer?! I keep telling Grant our next one will be a mac because I think you can do so much more with it than a PC. Seriously, let me know!

  4. Great pages, as usual! I’m so behind on my scrapbooking myself – must get busy! I have over 400 photos from our Disney trip last October, sitting in a box with all the supplies & album just waiting for me.
    I wish I could buy your mac. I have a G4 and would love to upgrade, but I’m afraid the shipping would kill me!!

  5. love your pages and the you are upgrading!! i would love your macbaby too. I have a mac but not as much power as yours! can’t wait to see more knitting and scrap goods! 🙂

  6. I love the ‘save the date’ cards you used.
    And Macs are so sexy! I bought the black Macbook last December but now I’ll be passing it on after transferring stuff because I got a white one last month. (I’m going to do all the upgrades on the white one though too).

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