You should scrapbook

Bj and I went to visit his mother and step-father this weekend… almost five hours away, lots of time to chat in the car. And knit. And chat.

Bj: "I’m burned out on knitting"

me: "how can you be burned out on knitting, you don’t knit."

B: "But it’s all over, you knit in my face, you took pictures of all your yarn and put it on the computer so other people can see it. Don’t you think that’s weird?"

A: "That’s like me saying I"m burned out on you talking about computers."

B: "I don’t have hard drives or transistors lying around."

A: "Do you want me to stop knitting?"

B: "Could you just scrapbook or something?"

LOL well there’s a way to get your husband to beg you to scrapbook more!

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  1. I laughed out loud!
    BJ is sooo cute!
    We’d love you to scrapbook too Amber.
    Maybe some wedding pictures or something?!

  2. That is so funny! Maybe you could trade off and you could still knit if BJ can bring hard drives home to sit on the couch with? You guys are too cute.

  3. That is funny. My husband was wondering why there were tons of pictures of fabric on my camera. I explained to him that other people want to see my “stash”. He was confused by that.

  4. scrapbook… or go to brilliant films that might change your life.
    “Happiness isn’t real unless it’s shared.” —from Into the Wild

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